Putin’s Nobel Peace Prize Given To “Chemical Weapons Watchdog”

Oct. 11, 2013

Bernhardt Shaw

NewsRescue– The 2013 Nobel peace prize given to the chemical weapons disarmament watchdogs was boldly political and clearly lacking in authenticity and merit.

Giving the prize to the “chemical committee” was certainly a curious choice.

What is obvious is that the prize was given out in response to the happenings in Syria. But even a hare-brained octopus would be able to tell you who the major actors in the recent crisis in Syria, as far as the chemical use, destruction of chemicals e.t.c. was. The Chemical Committee? Who I pray thee, are these folks?

Yes, they are doing a risky job, but so do billions of everyday people worldwide. Awarding the peace Prize to a committee speaks volumes about the spineless nature of the Nobel Peace Committee and its lack of credibility. But this is not new or peculiar of them, it’s the same way Obama was handed a Nobel peace prize days into office, as some sort of encouragement for what he would do… though his foreign policy has been rather abysmal, there’s been a lot of wars lately, and drones too. Most recently to his credit was the seizing of Libya’s Prime Minister, days after Obama went in to the ‘sovereign nation’ and picked up one of theirs.

And then, last years prize to the “European Union,” like really?

If anyone deserves a chemical weapon inspired peace prize it should be Vladmir Putin.

Another good contender if the prize was unrelated to Syria, is Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani. Now that would have made a meaningful and great winner.

But so much for the “Nobel Peace Prize”. They have continued the tradition of trashing a worthy ideal.