REUTERS: Jonathan Stalls Chad From Defeating Boko Haram For Presidency Politics ‘Games’

President Jonathan visits Baga


2goodluck_jonathanA report in Reuters indicates that according to Chadian officials, Nigeria’s president Goodluck Jonathan has stalled Chad from continuing to capture Nigerian territories under Boko Haram’s cruel rule and liberating the people.

The disturbing report states that the president Goodluck Jonathan is embarrassed with Chad’s easy success while he at the head of the Nigerian military failed to score such successes through out the 6 year tenure allowing over 100,000 Nigerians in the north to die, over 3 million be displaced with billions in property loses and damage in the north from the terror.

Jonathan, the report says wishes to use the Nigerian army to do the job for political purposes as he believes this will help him in the up coming presidential elections, so he has stopped Chad, not minding that there is desperate urgency to liberate Nigeria’s people by the fastest means possible.

From the report:

In a country proud to be a major African power, it would be an embarrassment to President Goodluck Jonathan as he seeks reelection for a smaller nation to tackle Nigeria’s security problems, diplomats say. …

“We turned back because Nigeria did not authorise us to go any further,” army spokesman Colonel Azem Bermandoa said.

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