Saraki And His Reign of Terror on The Good People of Kwara State


When I was informed Wednesday that pro-Saraki terrorists had abducted a member of the Cabal Must Go movement who was at the court in solidarity with Sahara Reporters, I was little surprised.

Bukola Saraki is well known for his legacy of unleashing terror on the citizens of Kwara state. An education abroad did not stop Nigeria’s Senate president from inheriting the devious traits of desperate political intimidation and terror.

Few know that when Bukola Saraki was Kwara state governor, one of his worst acts of terror against the people of the state was his pardon of convicted political terrorists who had been sentenced to death.

In January of 2010, Leadership carried the headline:

“Nigeria: Saraki Pardons Two Criminals on Death Row”

The story read:

“Kwara State governor, Dr. Bukola Saraki, has granted pardon to two notorious convicts in the state by having their death sentences commuted to pardon.”

“The two convicts are Bayo Ajia and Olayinka Are, who were both sentenced to death by the state High Court on charges of culpable homicide in March, 2005. …”

Follow this link to read in full:

It was discussed that these convicted terrorists were on the senator’s payroll and used to do his dirty work, hence his throwing his sworn responsibility to the wind and without shame or fear of God and man, granting them clemency.

I personally know Bayo Ajia. He has been a deadly fraternity guy all his life. He showed me his gun on several occasions at Ariya garden in Kwara hotel and other venues, back when I was in Medical school, assuring me those nights that someone will take bullets. May God have mercy on him.

But the people of Kwara state got to know the wickedness of Bukola Saraki when he let off these convicted terrorists with a several years long murder rap sheet.

In 2014 after Saraki’s pardon, the same terrorist was beaten by Nigerian security men for allegedly impersonating an Army official. That video can be seen here:

Last year, as destiny will have it, God took over justice on behalf of the people of the state as Saraki’s bosom friend Bayo Ajia was murdered at his car wash.

This is the type of people Nigeria’s senate president, Bukola Saraki relates with. These are the types of people he unleashes on the good people of Kwara state and Nigeria as a whole.

Thus when Crown Olanrewaju Ahmed Buhari was abducted by terrorists outside the court premise where Sahara Reporters was fighting against the judgement in a suit by Saraki against them, we feared the worst. Why would Sowore disrupt a court case he needs and that is in his own interest?

Mr. Ahmed wearing his “Cabal Must Go” t-shirt to represent the cause of Nigerian masses, narrated that he was whisked by armed pro-Saraki terrorists to a location in GRA where he was stripped and forced at gun-point to make a rather ridiculous false confession of being a thug hired by Sowore to disrupt his own court case.

As Nigeria’s Cabal fight back for their survival, Mr. Ahmed was surprisingly and rather unusually forced to display his “Cabal Must Go” t-shirt. The recording was rapidly prepared with titles, sub-tittles, distorted translations and image inserts in very professional style before being uploaded on Social media by Saraki supporters.

Immediately after, on behalf of the Senate president, his special assistant on new media Bamikole Omishore, released a statement confirming first-hand knowledge of the terrorist-arrest and citing it as evidence, without the Senate president rather condemning the dangerous act of abduction and terror that transpired in the state.

Olanrewaju Ahmed, A Well Known Activist Involved In Saraki Pension Revocation Embarrassment 

Mr Ahmed is a popular Activist, well known for his struggle to emancipate the oppressed people of Kwara state. He is highly active in the process to Recall Saraki and was recently featured in a media image, hugging Mr. Biodun Baba, the teacher sacked for criticizing Saraki. Both were wearing their Cabal Must Go t-shirts in that image on the victorious day Baba was freed of all charges. Mr. Ahmed also was prominent in a protest and Press statement by Kwara Must Change which forced the Senate president to claim to have refunded his controversial pensions from the state.

Mr Buhari celebrating with Mr Baba on his aquittal

We the people are only emboldened by this act of terror and crime against humanity as the cabal fight back. We promise to free Nigeria from the claws of the ravenous cabal before or by 2019.

May God save Nigeria from the cabal.

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