Saudi Royals Pissed With World Over Syria; Vex At UN, America

Oct. 22, 2013

by Hamza Suleiman

NewsRescue– The Saudi dictator royal family are overtly pissed at the world for rejecting bombing the life out of the Assad Syrian government.

Saudi and Qatari royals who have been linked with al-Qaeda and other terrorism operations around the world, really hate Assad and in extension Shia Muslims.

It can be recalled that the Saudi royal prince Bandar Bin Sultan (Bandar Bush), offered billions in bribe to Russia to betray Syria. Putin rejected this offer which included ‘protection from terror during the Olympic games,’ from Chechyan rebels the Sauds were reported to have said they ‘own.’

The Saudi royals and their Qatari partners next did all they could to promote a US attack on Syria for alleged and unconfirmed reports of chemical weapon use by the Syrian government in an incident in which 300 were said to have died. The Arab dictators offered the US that they would even foot the bill to bomb Syria.

Global opposition which included prayers from the fair Pope along with Syrian ‘Sunni’ Muftis, denied these fanatic royals of their triumph against Assad.

Another Syrian enemy, Morsi of Egypt who joined the team of the Saudi and Qatari royals, supervising a meeting in which he promoted Egyptians journeying to Syria to fight ‘Shia,’ was soon the one to be sacked shortly after his invocations fueled anti-Shia sentiment that culminated in the killing of a Shia priest with three of his followers who were all dragged down the streets of Egypt.

With all efforts failing and anti-Syrian rebels increasingly decamping and returning to the Syrian side under Assad regime amnesty, the Saudi royals allegedly opened up maximum security prisons in the Kingdom, and released their deathrow criminals to go fight Assad. See: Hundreds Of Syrian Rebels Drift Back To Take Assad Amnesty: Ministry of Reconciliation

Coincidentally, about this same time, between July and August this year, there were coordinated prison breaks in Pakistan, Iraq and Libya in which 2000 of the worst al-Qaeda terrorists were released from maximum security prisons in the most unusual prison-breaks in recent history. All these bad men are suspected to have been helped out of jail to go join the war against the Syrian government.

As Assad stays in command and gains ground, killing rebels and terrorists in droves, and as the anti-Assad terrorists, some of whom are cannibals, increasingly lose morale and wage war against each other, the royals are getting crazy desperate.

Saudi royals rejected a seat at the UN security council they had lobbied for for years, to demonstrate their anger at the world for not bombing Syria.

The Saudi dictators’ rebels also refused to attend a so-called friends of Syria Hague attempt at dialogue between the two waring factions, insisting that Assad must not be part of any future government or even given the right to contest in the 2014 presidential election, which he has said if he is nominated for, there is no reason why he will not run.

In current news, Saudi royal dictators have expressed downgraded relations with the United States. Promising worsening love between America and Saudi Arabia, popularly called the 54th state of America, the royals are bitter about Syria. They also claim its about Palestine, but they really have not ever done much for Palestine for the past 50 years, Syria is what’s new.

So when are those elections in the kingdoms slotted to hold again?