Incorruptible Soldiers Seize Truck Load of Ballot Papers in Ekiti State; INEC, PDP Try To Cover Crime

June 12, 2014


The Nigeria Military team on patrol at Efon this afternoon arrested a truck allegedly belonging to a serving senator in Osun State.

The truck with plate number, App 952 XL was sighted and stopped along Ita Ewure in Efon Alaaye in an attempt to make his way to Osun State where plan has allegedly been concluded to have multiple voting and return it back to Ekiti.

One of the Men in the truck who ran into the bush immediately when the soldiers stopped the truck as been identify as the PA to the senator.

The Soldiers were not merciful, they shot sporadically at him while running but it is not certain if he was hit by any bullet.

The white truck is presently in front of Tantalizer, been tracked and parked while the soldiers are waiting for further directives from Abuja.

Meanwhile, PDP buses have allegedly been parading the place for about 5mins looking for opportunity to persuade the soldiers to release the truck and the boys.

Soldiers have disallowed people from taking pictures of the truck and are actually sending people away from the scene.


Brigadier General A. A. Momoh, commander of the Special Task Force drafted to ensure security during the June 21 election in Ekiti State took Journalist round the truck. Said his men arrested the truck around 1.15pm Ita Ewure, In Efon LG. One of the
guys in the vehicle ran into the bush, my men are still looking for the boy.

“This truck contain material for the election, we thoroughly discovered the material were used and unused ballot papers of 2007, 2009 and 2011 elections. Their excuse when we interrogated them was that they were contacted by one Mr IK in Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), office Ado Ekiti who already have a client in Osun and Akure that deals in materials like this. They are four, one escaped. One is Biodun, a driver that work with Lacasera company in Lagos, the second guy by name Erinfolami works with an Iron Company”.

INEC had in a statement shortly after the truck was arrested corroborated the statement by the Task Force commander, stating that the material were used and unused materials from previous elections.

The commission said they were moving the materials to enable them bring in new materials for the conduct of the election in the state.

But the commander in his brieifing of journalist said: “We have not been able to ascertained whether they are instrument in the hands of politician carrying election material”

I have ordered my men to be red alert, this is to sound a note of warning to people harboring thugs that we will not hesitate to apprehend and do justice to anyone with illegal possession of fire arms in the state. We are not bias, we have not come to cause chaos, the electorate and people of the state is expected to cooperate.

One of suspect had released the contact of the woman supposedly accused to have them asked to load the papers.