Group Petitions To Stop Corruption and address the impact on millions of Africans

June 13, 2014

Stop Corruption and address the impact on millions of Africans


Corruption in Africa: the very few profiting and stealing over US148billion a year from the millions of Africans

ends-thieves3Africa is endowed with rich natural resources, a burgeoning, talented and innovative youthful population.

17 of the 58 African countries/territories out of 177 worldwide are ranked in the lowest quarter of Transparency International 2013 publication on the perceived levels of public sector corruption. Corruption in some African countries is systemic and endemic and with lack of political will to curtail it, has fuelled violence, human trafficking, terrorism and conflict. Corruption has a negative socioeconomic and development impact on millions of Africans who live in abject poverty and strangulates the dreams of millions in pursuit of their aspirations.


Examples of the cost of corruption on Africans

Substandard health and educational institutions.

Poor and dangerous public and private transportation services and infrastructure.

Demand for additional unofficial costs for essential goods and services by private and public sector workers.

Months of delayed salaries, pensions, payment for services and goods.

Corrupt public officials and the elite get away with impunity.

Electoral votes don’t count.

A culture where work ethic and competence are not rewarded has led to brain drain through legal and illegal migration.

Public funds used to build personal assets and as gifts and hospitality to influence personal gain.

Public funds used for electoral purposes and gain.

Public funds used to influence the judiciary, undermine its independence and process.

Lack of public accountability




We call on African governments to:

Stop the crippling cost of corruption on its citizens summarised above. Fully implement the African Union Convention on Preventing and Combating Corruption adopted by the assembly of the union July 2003 this calls for the following:


Preventive:public servants declarations of assets, citizens’ entitlements to access to information, whistle-blower protection, procurement standards, accounting standards, transparency in the funding of political parties and civil society, establish, maintain and strengthen independent national anti-corruption authorities.

Criminalisation of a wide range of offences, including illicit enrichment, offences relating both to public sector corruption and private sector (private-to-private) corruption.

International cooperation to improve mutual law enforcement assistance within Africa including confiscation and seizure of assets, participation by the private sector in the fight against unfair competition, respect of tender procedures and property rights, collaboration with the countries of origin of multinationals to criminalise and punish the practice of secret commissions and other forms of corrupt practices during international trade transactions.

International cooperation to take legislative measures to prevent corrupt public officials from enjoying ill-acquired assets by freezing their foreign accounts and facilitating the repatriation of stolen or illegally acquired monies to the countries of origin.


We call on the international community to:

Work with Africans to fight against corruption by calling for complete transparency in the use of “donor funded projects”

Take practical steps such as banning convicted public officials from travelling to their countries.

Research the link between public corruption and conflict, illegal migration and human trafficking.

Advocate for transparency and good governance.


We call on Africans and friends of Africa to:

Sign this petition.

Inform and encourage others to sign this petition.

Educate Africans on the cost they as individuals are paying for the corruption of others

Engage in constructive dialogue with NGOs seeking to address corruption

Stop engaging in corrupt practices.


Addressing corruption will take the burden off millions of Africans globally and lift our sense of pride and dignity.

Please sign this petition to contribute to the fight against corruption. Lend your voice to this necessary cause.

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