State-Within-State: Nigeria Police Chief Says ‘Sunnite Sect’ Emir Is Above Him, The Law! #FreeEseOruru

Olaleye Aluko

The Inspector-General of Police, Solomon Arase, has said the Emir of Kano’s  Hajj trip is responsible for the delay in securing the release of 14-year-old Ese Oruru, who is being held captive in Kano State.

Arase said this on Sunday after the launch of a “Free Ese” Campaign by PUNCH, which drew the attention of thousands of Nigerians to the plight of the Orurus,  causing outrage over the shocking story.

“I have just spoken with the Sunday PUNCH’s Editor. I explained to her about the delay. The police command in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, actually followed up the matter right from Kano State, ” Arase told The PUNCH.

The Emir decided that he was going to mediate. But, because of his trip to Mecca with the President; that was what caused the delay. But now that he is back, we are going to sort it out as quickly as possible.

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