The Stealing Is Killing! The Cabal Must Go Now For Nigeria To Be Free

Apr. 15, 2014


Nigeria 2014 is scoring the highest number of violent related deaths of any nation in the entire world, including those embroiled in full war. The state of insecurity and criminality has reached unprecedented proportions. Bandits are in power and by them, the nation has been cursed with free flow of terror, Gbomo-gbomo ritualism, kidnapping, oil vandalism and high sea piracy and State corruption—economic terrorism.

After the March 18th, 2013 bombing of the bus park at Sabon Gari in Kano, one will expect that security updates will have been made to the nation’s busy motor parks, with barricades to prevent passenger vehicles from approaching closer than a 100 meter range; scanners and bomb sniffing dogs at public places should have also been instituted as obtains in nations similarly challenged. This was not done as the suspected bombers at Nyana, Abuja, drove right up to the front of the loading buses to deposit their bomb –laden vehicle. This Cabal government, engrossed in looting fails to live up to its serious requirements to secure life of the people.

Since the initiation of Boko Haram terrorism in Nigeria, not a single Boko Haram sponsor has been prosecuted by the government. The Jonathan administration has yet failed to prosecute those incriminated according to the Aba Moro white paper report on the president and NSA Dasuki’s desk. These culprits who have been chased out of Maiduguri by the Civilian JTF, enjoy  life of freedom in the nation’s capital. This Cabal government gives unconditional impunity to its Cabal friends who sponsor Boko Haram terror, a mechanism of national destruction that undeniably requires funding from wealthy looters of State treasury.

The looting of billions of dollars that should have been used to provide the basic required security updates to combat terror in a dynamically changing modern world where terrorists on the contrary, stay updated with the latest tools of their trade; signifies a Cabal lootocracy that will never ensure the barest security needs of the populace, life and property. The money for security is rather stolen by the government and being used to finance terror.

Several terror suspects, arrested in connection with the massacres of innocent people across the north of Nigeria; and likewise terror suspects arrested by the JTF and handed over to the nation’s security services in the oil looting and vandalized Niger Delta, have been released back into society by this Cabal regime that frees convicted killers and honors dead grand plunderers. This Cabal government and the current political dispensation which entails the association with and support of all Cabal who may assist all parties toward their objectives, can never secure life of the people.

The failure of this administration to secure the nation’s borders and halt the importation of all forms of deadly weaponry and mercenaries into the nation; is a result of the current 4th republic being embroiled in corruption that does not enable them focus with any seriousness on addressing the state of insecurity in the nation.

The open accusation of the opposition party and any oppositional elements, as the sponsors of the terror that has plagued the nation is treachery and national insult in so much as the administration fails to arrest these oppositionists if they are truly behind the terrorism wrecking the nation. If indeed the opposition are behind this carnage, the government must arrest them or resign today for incompetence and failure to execute its pledged duties. Bamanga Tukur who is the current head of the Railway Corporation must also be immediately arrested for patronizing and promoting Boko Haram, whom he described as “fighting for justice; and another name for justice.” The failure of this government to address terrorism seriously and arrest the Cabal implicated has led to a full vote of no confidence in this administration.

Nigeria’s army and security department remain underfunded, and unable to purchase modern equipment to live up to their dangerous and deadly obligations, consequent to the chronic and epic corruption in the corridors of power. This is unsustainable and a cause of disquiet among military ranks. Our military and even civilians volunteering to defend the nation deserve better form Nigeria.

Nigeria cannot continue on this path. It is time for radical and dynamic change. The Cabal are not repentant and have nothing to offer this nation other than suffering, pain, death and national embarrassment. It is time for the Cabal to go.

A New Nigeria from October 1st, 2014

In a new Nigeria after the Cabal have been retired, bomb and bullet proof vehicles must be banned among politicians and government officials to force them to address the security problems of the nation.

Travelling abroad for health issues must also be banned for all government officials to force an upgrade of the nation’s health sector.

There must be a ban on all private jets and the nation’s government officials must be forced to ply the nation’s roads and fly public airlines only on urgent occasion; this must be done in the new Nigeria to force an upgrade on the nations transport network.

Public buildings and public official residences must not be allowed the use of generators for the period of the transformation, to force the improvement in the nation’s power supply sector.

It is time we make serious changes as a nation. Patching is not working. The dead and maimed deserve our full battle against the vultures in and out of power who have caused the early end of their life, their disability and the pain to their families.

Federalism With 100% Resource Control

As insisted by members from the south and leaders from the north, most prominently, the Lamido of Adamawa, Alhaji Muhammadu Barkindo Mustapha, Nigeria must return to regionalism with 100% resource control. This will force regional responsibility in security matters and development of opportunities for the people.

The Nigerian masses are implored to determine their destiny. It is time for change. We must reject the death and shame wrought on the nation by these Cabal.

I do not want to die a useless death because I left thieves in power. No one should.

Organize your formation in your area and also join now!

Dr. Peregrino Brimah [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian