Teenage girl with ‘no identity’ mysteriously appears in Mid Manhattan.

October 23, 2009

Jane Doe {CNN}
Jane Doe {CNN}

NewsRescue- A teenage Caucasian girl now referred to as ‘Jane Doe’, the famous name for ‘nobody’ or ‘anybody’, was found in Midtown Manhattan 9 days ago in front of a Covenant shelter.

She had no recollection of her name, age or identity and just wanted to know who she was and where she came from.

Her age has been estimated at between 14 and 17, and she only recollected a few words, some oddly from a novel written by Robin Hobb, ‘Fools Fate’ . According to CNN, she is herself writing a fantasy novel in which a heroine named Rian is raised by a commander of a guard post on the edge of a fantasy Kingdom.


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She can work some high school math, but does not recollect history or science GED level information.

Jane Doe was discovered wearing military green camouflage pants, a black shirt and a pair of black sneaker.

She remains in police custody as they try to figure out who she is and from whence she came. The police are requesting tips from the public to aid her identification.

Meanwhile people are speculating on whether she may be an alien transported to the Earth. Her tale is eerily similar to a Bruce Willis movie in which an Alien female dropped into his taxi cab.

The below excerpt is from  a review of ‘Fools Fate’ on Amazon:

Fool's Fate by Robin Hobb

Fitz is the bastard son of the royal family of the Six Duchies, which he serves as assassin, guardsman, and Skill-magician. Fitz also serves the White Prophet as “Catalyst,” the unique person who may enable the White Prophet to change human destiny for the better. In Fool’s Fate, Fitz must accompany his kinsman, Prince Dutiful Farseer, to a distant northern island, where the prince must slay the world’s last male dragon to win the hand of the Out Islands princess Elliania, the woman he loves. However, not even Elliania wants the dragon dead; why, then, does she require Dutiful to kill Icefyre? Are darker forces manipulating Elliania? Even worse, if Icefyre dies, the White Prophet foresees not only his own death, but a grim future for humankind. The prophet’s only hope of changing the future is his Catalyst. –Cynthia Ward

If you have tips, please call 1800 577 TIPS