The Sponsors Of @NDAvengers Are The Same Sponsors Of Boko Haram We Haven’t Arrested


We are still pretending that Khalid al-Barnawi and the several Shekaus acted independently.

A year of the war against Boko Haram by the new Buhari administration, we have not yet arrested a single sponsor of Boko Haram, nor named one, local or foreign.

We are addressing Boko Haram at the tactical level and have pretended that it was not strategically coordinated, organized and sponsored.

While Nigeria has committed efforts to the conviction of Olisa Metuh and Saraki, we have not yet tried a single Army chief, ex President, former Minister of Defense, top Army commanders and Procurement officers or former National Security Adviser for aiding and abetting Boko Haram and abdicating their sworn duties to protect life of Nigerians and directly and indirectly sponsoring Boko Haram terror.

We are pretending that Boko Haram existed in a vacuum.

While we investigate all the links and connections of corruption especially of the opponents of ‘change,’ we are yet to publicly disclose a single investigation into the links and connections of terror.

We are yet to drill the current governor of Borno state on his admission of knowing and not divulging the sponsors of Boko Haram when he twice publicly said that “leadership calls for restraint; if I divulge, heads will roll.”

We embrace and positively appraise the likes of former PDP chairman, Bamanga Tukur who on record publicly admitted to knowing the reason for Boko Haram and justified and helped the terror agency get recruits with the words, “Boko Haram is fighting for justice, Boko Haram is another name for justice.”

We are entertaining people who have worked as couriers for Boko Haram and helped the organization’s political wing put through its demands; people like APC Majority leader Senator Ali Ndume and former Vice President Namadina Sambo along with the former Attorney general, Mohammed Adoke, the later duo who our security department claimed to be investigating by the use of “state craft,” whatever that means.

We are yet to identify the links to foreign states where Boko Haram is organized. We have not explored the reasons why Boko Haram always comfortably stages its negotiations from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have not asked Saudi Arabia to produce the group’s Secretary general, Danladi Ahmadu. We have not investigated who sent Abu Mahjin (Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment, TIDE number 24350378), the Chadian to Nigeria in 2009 to organize Boko Haram.

The truth is that it is the same sponsors of Boko Haram who constructed the evil for Nigeria and plotted our total destruction, that are the sponsors of the Niger Delta Avengers and other new groups springing forth in the Niger Delta that all “peculiarly” ask for the release of Sokoto Prince, Sambo Dasuki who all Nigerians rich and poor, north and south, hate.

It is the same people who hate Nigeria and particularly hate the Kanuri farmer and plotted the destruction of the northeast and wiping out of all Kanuri farmlands to destroy not just the historic Kanem empire but farming and self sufficiency in Nigeria as a whole, that are sponsoring the Niger Delta Avengers again.

We have aided and abetted the rise of new terror in Nigeria by abdicating our duties to determine those behind the attack on the Kanem empire and the attack on the farmers of the northeast and by so doing, we have enabled the same enemies of humanity and sponsors of terror and their paid soldiers to operate from different parts of Nigeria, causing the masses more economic hardship with the destruction of our oil infrastructure as they destroyed Kanuri farming.

It is the same greedy, hoarding elite who manipulate the system in their favor and against the masses and machinate to impose tariffs, price hikes, taxes and multiple ponzi-like hardship on the masses while securing tax breaks, duty waivers for themselves; and who predate the masses for their land to build their industry, that sponsor Boko Haram in the north east and the Niger Delta avengers in the south, to stoke tensions that divide and distract people from the oligopolist oppression that is making them poor as the politicians and cabal become richer and richer and renowned world billionaires.

We call on the Nigerian authorities and security departments to rise up to their responsibilities, stop their selective oppression and injustice of the weak and minorities who they prefer to be dependent on government handouts; and indict and arrest the political, local and foreign, elite, cabal, politicians and other protected sponsors of Boko Haram and the Niger Delta Avengers. Or as we predicted long ago, more and more terror will spring forth.

As you will go for a forcefully conscripted Bama boy Boko Haram foot soldier, so also go for their highly placed political sponsors.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian; also on http://Naija.Live online radio.