The Trial is Beautiful

by Harun Yahya

Since the Prophet Adam (as), every person has been created with a distinct disposition, a distinct character, much in the same way that every person has a unique fingerprint. Furthermore, God creates an individual destiny for each and every person. In other words, everyone is tried, trained and tested by God through various details created in their destiny that match their unique personalities, sensitivities and shortcomings.

Due to these differences in their creation, some people might be amiable and kindhearted, while others might be nervous and anxious. Some might be prone to anger, some to easily feeling upset, and some to quarrelling. There can be similarities but in reality, God creates every person unique, in another manifestation of the diversity in His art of creation.

And every person, albeit in different ways, will be tested, because this is what this world is created for. The world is a place of testing, a place of trial created to make people worthy of a beautiful welcome in the Hereafter.

In the second verse of Surah al-Mulk, our Lord commands, “He who created death and life to test which of you is best in action.”

For this reason, the world will never be truly perfect. Just when one thinks that everything is going well, God might change things for that person. When he least expects it, he might encounter unexpected situations. He might repeat a mistake he promised he would never make again. He might catch a disease, lose his wealth, or see the life that he thought was in order turn upside down when he least expected it. He might have a falling out  with his loved ones and therefore might be tested with the feeling of longing. In such events, a believer will always trust God. The important thing is turning to God, choosing what He wants, choosing what is for the good of Islam. The important thing is struggling against the dajjal movement intellectually, in unity with other Muslims, who strive together on the path of Islam, through knowledge, science and ideas.

Everyone is put through various experiences during their trial. These experiences are meant to help them overcome the shortcomings, help them mature, strengthen and improve their character. If a person believes in God, he should keep this fact in mind and try to see the hidden beauties in the incidents he encounters. Nothing worth having can be obtained without effort. As a matter of fact, all these tests and changes that are given as trials in human life, and the details that might at first be thought as problems, are actually secrets created by God, bringing with them incredible blessings and beauties. Since most people can look at things only from their own limited perspectives, they cannot see and comprehend the hidden wisdom behind what they are going through. However, such times reveal the true worth of believers.

A believer is precious and valuable because he chooses to see a situation which he cannot yet see the wisdom of in a positive light, with complete trust in God’s creation. He is therefore worthy of God’s compassion. A believer deserves to be loved, because he always chooses the side of God, even when he doesn’t understand the reasons why something is happening. Such a person lives his life knowing that God always watches over him with His blessings and love.

With his limited knowledge, perception and numerous weaknesses, it is impossible for a person to grasp the secrets of God unless God wishes otherwise.  However, there is no doubt that within the beautiful course of destiny that our Almighty Lord has created and enriched with endless goodness and benevolence, people are constantly spared, protected and watched over. There is absolute wisdom and goodness in everything that happens as they are created by our Almighty Lord. It is crucial to think about and fully grasp this knowledge and keep it in mind every moment, which will also bring complete peace of mind and ease.

God desires goodness for every one of His servants, wishes them to be better, and wants them to live in safety and comfort. For people to deserve such infinite beauty and safety, God puts His servants through a test, a trial in this world. Both the believers and the unbelievers will be tested this way. Through various tests, God guides people towards reflection and faith and as a part of the test, the blessings and beauties in this world are presented to all people regardless of them being believers or not. However, in the Hereafter, the distinction will become clear and these beauties will be offered only to those who believe. Just as our Lord commands in the fourth verse of  Surah ad-Duha, every believer should know that, “The Last (the Hereafter) will be better for you than the First (the world).”

Our God, the Most Beautiful, always wants to forgive His servants for their mistakes and wishes ceaseless goodness and well-being for them. Every single thing in this world, from foodstuffs to technological devices, is one by one created by our Lord as a blessing, as a means to ensure people’s comfort and happiness. Our Lord has infinite compassion. As our Lord explains in the 147th verse of Surah an-Nisa, “Why should God punish you if you are thankful and have faith? God is All-Thankful, All-Knowing.”

Therefore, we should devote ourselves to God with an ever-lasting trust and love, and strive to obtain a deep faith and a devoted heart. Let us not forget that submitting oneself to God, and being patient with a beautiful patience by seeing every experience in a positive light right from the beginning, will bring peace and comfort not to only oneself, but to everyone around as well.


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