TRIBALISM: What el-Rufai Promised About ‘Repayment’ For Killing A Fulani

Kaduna Governor Nasir El-Rufai in attendance


Nasir el-Rufai is the current Governor of Kaduna state.

Nigeria is a secular nation where political office holders are expected to be detribalised and not beholden to any particular religion or ethnic group.

There are serious questions raised by the comment below made by Kaduna state governor Nasir el-Rufai especially in lieu of the current spate of wanton killings ‘justified’ by the perpetrators as several-years late ‘repayment’ for the killing of some Fulani or stealing of their cattle.

El-Rufai’s tweet in 2012 reads: “We will write this for all to read. Anyone, soldier or not that kills the Fulani takes a loan repayable one day no matter how long it takes.

This statement was made in relation to Fulani-Berom deadly fracas in 2012.

Today, the seemingly impune ‘Fulani’ terrorist herdsmen who massacred many innocent villagers in Agatu, Benue state claimed that this evil was their delayed revenge for some incidents in 2013.

Across Nigeria Boko Haram and other foreign mercenaries have embarked on a free reign of above-the-law terror against any community they adjudge to have offended ‘Fulani’ herdsmen.

In an organized format which sources say is centralized through a whassap group, thoroughly armed and trained mercenaries are dispatched to inflict deaths on communities where injustice is alleged.

A governor like el-Rufai who takes his ethnic clan or religious sect above that of other Nigerians and has influence on the current Federal government is without question, reason for worry. Is his declaration in this controversial tweet, being promoted from the center of government in Abuja? Is he influencing such ideology at the center against all groups he declares less than human?

Does a tribalistic individual like el-Rufai appears to be have the legitimacy to occupy the seat of the governor of a secular Nigerian state?

Additionally, to add more worry to the scenario is the recollection that several years ago during an instance of Fulani-locals clashes in Shagamu, Lagos, President Muhammadu Buhari, a statesman came to selectively defend the Fulani’s as a patron of their group. It was disappointing at the time as Buhari as a former head of State was expected to be impartial. A similar incidence occurred in 2000 between Buhari and Ibadan’s Governor, Lam Adesina.

buhari daura7

President Muhammadu Buhari remains a life patron of Nigeria’s Fulani herdsmen. Is the obvious conflict of interest and preference to a particular ethnic group, related to the lack of decisive action against the rampaging Fulani-related terrorists perpetuating mayhem across Nigeria?

It is conclusive to say that Buhari is doing the real Fulani herders a disservice rather than helping them by his inaction which is putting them and related tribes at great risk of reprisal terror across Nigeria.

Nigerians have been demanding serious action from the government to arrest and punish the so-called Fulani marauders. While about 100 were recently arrested near Abuja, the overwhelming majority of murderous terrorists have attracted little to no government condemnation, have not been warned and are not being arrested.

People are beginning to ask if this is by accident or by intention.

Religious scholars say that the devil/satan was the first tribalist. Nationhood and tribalism are devilish traits that bring loss and destruction.

In 2016, ‘Fulani’ terrorist ‘herdsmen’ have killed over 700 and almost twice the number Boko Haram has killed this first quarter.

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