Video: Boko Haram, ISIS, #Ebola Created By West To Destroy Africa, Islam – Yaya Jammeh


In an interview with PressTV the President of Gambia, Yaya Jammeh accused the West of using Ebola against African countries that were resource rich. He asked why whites survive Ebola while blacks died like dogs.

In the video, he said ISIS and Boko Haram were satanic cults created by the west to tarnish the name of Islam. he said they are cold blooded murderers who have nothing to do with Islam. He said the prophet of Islam never attacked Churches, Christians and Jews but only fought those who fought him. He said in Gambia Christians and Muslims both enjoyed the country in peace because they practice true Islam.

He described Boko Haram as political with nothing to do with Islam.

He similarly noted that Christian extremist groups like the Protestant led Ku Klux clan of the United States, the Lord Resistance Army of Uganda and the Far Right are all satanic deviations from the Christian devotion to love, peace, caring and sharing.

The fiery Gambian president further said that Boko Haram cannot come to his Gambia. He said no matter what the west did, Africa is rising. The problem is the continent needs more good leaders.

He accused colonialists of reversing Africa’s advancement.

On homosexuality, he said it is un-African, unIslamic and unChristian.

In defending his rule, he said he has a no corruption policy. He said he has even sent some of his brothers to jail.