Video: Off-duty NYPD Cop Shot Black Man Within 1 Second In Road Rage Row, Contradicting Officer’s Claims He Was Attacked First

  • Delrawn Small, 37, a father-of-two, was shot dead in Brooklyn on July 4
  • Witness said Small ‘beat the s***’ out of Wayne Isaacs in road rage attack
  • Isaacs, an off-duty cop, pulled weapon and shot him in chest and head
  • But new CCTV shows Small being shot almost instantly after approaching Isaac’s car window before falling down
  • Attorney General is investigating video to see if deadly force was justified

CCTV footage has emerged showing an off-duty cop shooting a black man in the chest and head seconds after a road rage fight breaks out.

Delrawn Small, 37, a father-of-two died after being shot by officer Wayne Isaacs on July 4 following a near-miss car accident in Brooklyn.

Witnesses had claimed that Small went over to Isaac’s window and ‘wailed on his face’ before Isaac pulled out his service weapon and shot him, but new footage seems to counter this claim.

In the footage, obtained by the New York Post, Small can be seen climbing out of his car and walking toward Isaac, who is sitting in his car.

A split second after bending down to look in the window, Small stumbles backward, staggering across the road before collapsing between two parked vehicles.

Another car, sitting parallel to Isaac, speeds off across the junction while pedestrians on the sidewalk run up the street.

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