WATCH Jonathan Confess To BBC That He Was Not Killing Or Capturing Boko Haram Terrorists

Jonathan let them return to Okene


As some remaining Jonathanians pretend to claim Jonathan had wiped out Boko Haram before handing over, in spite of Boko Harm killings picking up again before inauguration and the evidences of Jonathan and his army chiefs’ lies, including that walking Gwoza sign-post we all remember:

Exposed fake picture army chiefs released to make believe they had captured Gwoza ahead of the postponed elections

…we have decided to rebroadcast this video in which BBC proved Jonathan was lying in his claims to have simply ‘disappeared’ over 20,000-30,000 Boko Haram soldiers in his six-week pre-election rapid war. There were no thousands of bodies to show as evidence, or jails loaded with thousands of newly captured terrorists, so where were the thousands, BBC had asked him.

BBC: Where are the jihadists? Where did they go?

Jonathan: Well, I think they have a lot of linkages… you know, the whole West Africa into Central Africa going to North Africa is a free world for them.

BBC: What I mean is if they were chased out of these towns and villages, where do you think they have gone to now?

Jonathan: Yeah, that is what I am saying is, whenever the pressure is on the they escape, of course some of them through the exchange of fire may die in the process, but a number of them just escape. Some of them even sneak back to re-integrate into the civilian population because they are Nigerians….

BBC: The hope of course has always been for the families of Chibok girls…but this week we are told by the military that there are no clues into where they are (Question points out the continued control of territory b y Boko Haram that can hold such numbers of girls)

And the drilling went on and on…

It is important that Nigerians remain on the path of honesty and integrity and are not waylaid by malicious misinformants, the gradually dying Jonathanian species.

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