Western nations ‘trying to slow march of history’ – Moscow

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According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the US and its allies will cause more difficulties in the future as they cling to a unipolar world that allows them to exploit other countries.

Current Western foreign policy “is aimed at slowing down the march of history” and will “result in new confrontations, new difficulties for the international community,” a senior Russian official said in a Friday speech. It will be “up to diplomats” to “untangle those situations.”

Lavrov was speaking to students at MGIMO, the Moscow State Institute for International Relations, a prestigious Russian university from which the Foreign Ministry hires a large number of its personnel. He updated the audience on current world events and what the students in attendance may expect.

The minister reiterated Moscow’s position that Western nations are a major source of instability, claiming that “they want to literally rule the world, to impose their unipolar world order … to continue extracting tribute from humanity.”

Many other countries, including Russia, are opposed to this and seek a more just multipolar world order, which Lavrov believes will happen sooner or later. Western nations are “creating obstacles” to it, he claims, but in doing so, they are undermining their own influence.

“We don’t want to destroy the dollar. “The United States is no longer ensuring that it can serve the role that was once suitable for everyone,” he explained.

Because of Washington’s use of financial sanctions, the dollar has become untrustworthy as an international reserve currency, and many people are abandoning it, according to the minister.

Russia has effectively defied Western pressure thus far, and the senior diplomat does not expect relations to improve anytime soon. Even if the other side sought an upgrade, Russia would not jeopardize its security by relying on the US and its allies, he insisted. Western nations have frequently shown their deception, according to Lavrov.

“No major agreement signed [by Russia] with the West since 1991 has been carried out,” he emphasized.

Lavrov dismissed the idea that Moscow is “isolated” in the current confrontation. Nations representing around 80% of the world’s population did not favor sanctions against Russia, he said, and rejecting their views as meaningless is highly insulting.