Word For My Igbo Brothers, by Maduka Fidorocks Onwukeme

by Maduka Fidorocks Onwukeme

You voted against GMB for 2 reasons “Hatred for northerners over the civil war that ended 45 years ago” and “fears of Islamisation due to ignorance or outright refusal to see the impossibility of such”.

Well it takes just Kano and Katsina (2 Northern states) to cancel out all the votes in the Southeast. GMB is coasting home to victory in the Southwest and the North.

He would definitely win on the votes of other zones comfortably without the southeast.

The moral of this treatise is that I want to thank my Igbo brothers for teaching me that a man who is ruled by “hatred” and “fear” will never move forward. He will only embark on self defeating schemes even when only defeat stares him the face.

Anyway, now GMB is set to clinch the presidential seat. What do you do with the delusions of Islamisation and the civil war hatred!

As for me, the civil war ended 45 years ago. Am neither ruled by hate or fear.