Don’t Miss This Soccer Analysis Of Nigeria’s Election Race

Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria inherited the presidency as did John Mahama

Now trending. A super commentary piece:

APC’s Lionel Kano Messi has swung the tide APC’s way after his latest hat-trick. PDP on the ropes but Rivers & Akwa-Ibom on the bench

Anambra helped PDP get back into the game but he is not the player he was in 2011. Fewer goals for PDP this time. APC bounces back

Coach Muazu has summoned Rivers, Delta and Akwa-Ibom to warm up as APC’s Oyegun takes a look at his watch

Reports say coach Muazu may call on votes from Cameroon, Chad and Niger but FIFA or should I say INEC rules forbid that

Lionel Kano Messi is not going to influence this game anymore but his double hat-trick today has created an uphill task for PDP

Luis Kaduna Suarez has had a great showing today. Arguably the man of the match but Lionel Kano Messi will most likely get that

With Nottingham PDP Forest’s glory days behind them as their glory fades, there are arguments they have become a regional club er party

There are reports FIFA er INEC is likely to cancel out the goal scored by Ashley Rivers Young. Did Rivers take a dive there?

While the players take a break, let me ask our viewers, what do you think about the game so far?