Nigerians Celebrate Buhari Presidential Victory [Pictures]


Nigerians are celebrating the electoral victory of President-elect General Muhammadu Buhari in all types of ways including very innovative ones.

Here we will be posting various updates on the celebration:

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goat celebration2 goat celebration


Dr Peregrino Brimah wrote a tribute to the President-elect, General Muhammadu Okechukwu Buhari

@EveryNigerian: In spite of not being corrupt you may be sacked by your ‘friends’ from the highest office of the nation. Your birth and academic documents may be destroyed by them when they arrest you and sack your home. Your marriage may be raped and destroyed by these your frenemies. You may be locked in jail for three years even, for no offense of yours other than building and sanitizing your nation you love. For years they may hold the seat of power of the nation and usurp trillions of dollars and invest millions in lies and slander to retain hold of power. They may even finance a billion dollar smear campaign against you, painting you as the head of the world’s most deadly terrorist group. You may reject campaign donations from Africa’s richest man in spite of knowing how campaign money is necessary for buying the electorate. You may narrowly escape death from a suicide bomb blast by same terrorist group, and they say you tried to bomb yourself to prove a point. Through all this, you may campaign thrice and lose thrice. But never lose hope. Try again. Providence may have it that when you are old and gray and all hope is lost not just for you but for your entire nation; fate may have it written that you may yet be the next president of Nigeria. Sai Buhari Gaskiya- Dr Peregrino Brimah @EveryNigerian

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