#ZariaMassacre: Nigerian Government Sponsoring Protests to the Iranian Embassy

Lt. Gen Ayatollah T. Yusuf Buratai says he is the defender of democracy


After killing 1000+ defenseless & unarmed Shia Muslims in Zaria, the oppressive & tyrannical Nigerian regime sponsored paid Advertorials in major Nigerian media outlets against IMN & Shia Islam but majority of Nigerians rejected it’s fraudulent propaganda and called for independent and credible probe. The Nigerian regime failed to do that and established a kangaroo commission of inquiry via the Kaduna State Government and populated it with die-hard Salafis who have Shia Genocide as an agenda.

After failing to make Nigerians forget the brutal Zaria massacre, the Nigerian regime has now resorted to cheap exploitation of National sentiment by sponsoring faceless groups & Wahhabi clerics to the Iranian Embassy in Abuja to protest what they claimed “Iranian interference in #Nigeria” and calling for the expulsion of the Iranian Ambassador to Nigeria Mr. Saeed Koozechi.

The Nigerian regime is desperate to bury its war crimes like all bloodthirsty regimes that kill innocent civilians. They want the world to forget about their slaughter of 1000+ Nigerians, but people with conscience have refused to forget and be silent. Nigerians especially the vocal social media activists have continued to remind the world that 1000+ Nigerians were brutally killed and their dead bodies dumped in mass graves.

The IMN does not depend on the existence of an Iranian Embassy in Nigeria for its programs and activities, the IMN is an organization with a National spread that has millions of members within and outside Nigeria. Iran is a great nation that side with all the world oppressed, in any part of the world that the oppressed screamed then the voice of support from Iran will be heard.

islamic demolish

Zakzaky demolished house
Zakzaky demolished house

The wicked and evil Nigerian rulers killed 1000+ Nigerians in less than 48 hours and buried them in mass graves to bury the evidences. They are so wicked in their wickedness that they forgot that those they murdered have loved ones, friends, neighbors and family relations. Now these shameless war criminals are accusing the innocent Iran for doing what is right and just in condemning the brutal and inhuman massacre of 1000+ Nigerians.

And it was not only Iran that condemned that brutal massacre, all human rights groups within and outside Nigeria strongly condemned the massacre and call for independent probe. Most of them outside Nigeria went further to sent their special representatives to Nigeria for data collection on the brutal Zaria massacre.

I said this in the past and I will say it again that there has never been any tyrant and oppressors in history that has succeeded in encapsulating a massacre and the Nigerian President Buhari will not be the first exception. One day, God willing, whether we are alive or not those mass graves will be unearth and their remains will be shown to the world.

Harun Elbinawi
[email protected]