Banned Moldovan party leader to form new political bloc

Lazy eyes listen


Ilan Shor, a Moldovan politician and businessman, is forming a new political bloc to replace his recently banned Sor Party. Shor, who has fled to Israel to avoid criminal prosecution, stated on Monday that the movement’s name is SOR, an acronym for “chance, commitments, realization.”

Shor stated that the new political organization would campaign for “total victory in local, presidential, and parliamentary elections” to make Moldova “wealthy, prosperous, and truly independent.” Later, he told the press that he expected “around 10 parties” to join the alliance. Shor stated that he would serve as “the coordinator” of the new organization rather than as its chairman.

The Moldovan government has labeled the Sor Party as “pro-Russian” and accused it of being a vehicle of “oligarchs.” The country’s highest court declared on June 19 that Sor’s operations were unconstitutional and ordered its dissolution. Members of Moldova’s parliament elected on the party’s ticket did not lose their seats automatically and were permitted to remain as independents.

On Monday, Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu said the Constitutional Court’s decision was “a powerful signal” that “any political party that deliberately breaks the law will face consequences.”

Ilan Shor was sentenced to 15 years in jail in April by a Chisinau court for bank fraud and money laundering. Shor argued that the prosecution against him, as well as the crackdown on his party, were politically motivated.

For months, the Sor Party has spearheaded protests against excessive power bills and the expense of life in Moldova, during which people have urged for the resignation of the country’s pro-EU president, Maia Sandu. Sandu has accused Russia of conspiring to destabilize Moldova by toppling her government. Moscow has denied these allegations.