The ‘BASTARD’ Challange of the Son of OKUPE on Buhari’s Achievements

Doyin Okupe

by Comrade Alhassan Haruna Dambatta,

I may not indulge into the arguements,postulations and theories earlier developed by numerous Nigerians on the earlier challange posed by Doyin Okupe and his subsequent instruction to Nigerians to call him a BASTARD at anywhere seen if the APC survive the merger strategy last year. While many Nigerians have since resorted to his instruction,history in the other hand have since recorded OKUPEs profiling and his WHOSE SON ARE YOU? Usually asked by history can now be found in the book of history written with black ink in which the future can never forget.

On the challange on buhari’s Achievements of which remains my concern and priority, a need is required to clearly states here that,while Okupe’s BASTARD challange circled on buhari’s Achievements INN and OUT of government,i would rather be lopsided to more of buhari in office than out of office. This is inview of the need to silence others with similar bastardized propaganda challange in the future who may wish to smear not only buhari but our leaders of integrity known to have stand for the unity and development of Nigerian nation in the past,present and the future.

Presently,Okupe only sleep in a cocoon of shame and will only be remembered for generation becouse the book of history never forget the future which it is ment to serve.

On the Okupe prize money of one 1million naira, i will gladly advice that he cash inn the money in my GTB account 0165094002, a delay or doing otherwise will leave me with no options than to seek redress in a court of law not becouse of any need for the money which part of will be donated to charity.

General Muhammad Buhari is a gentleman,it is hard to get his copy of integrity and honesty of which many elites and prominent Nigerians have attested to. Buhari have achieved the followings while in office and these have already been archieved in the catalog of nigerias achievements during his time as head of state.

1. War against indiscipline.
Never in the history of this nation have discipline entrenched in the mind of Nigerians. People que up in banks,hospitals,schools,bus stations, and equally the manners of approach of the people changed.

2. Free medical care.
Enough medication,hospital equipments,new airconditioned medicine stores built in all zones of which Dambatta local govt of kano state of which i resides got one and was fully stocked with free medicines for the people and the masses. Equally foreign doctors were engaged which includes indian,Koreans,pakistanis,chinese,British and Americans.

3. Price control.
Sojas and other price regulatory agencies where sent to various markets in Nigeria to ensure rouge business men do not charge the masses more on any product sold.

4. Subsidised food items
At the time we are usually sent to the local govt secretariat food store to buy any food product at the buhari govt Subsidised price and everything was available then, including a Tin of salt sold at the subsidised amount.

5. Environmental health workers (Duba gari).
It was only during buhari government that environmental health workers were employed and trained and further instructed to visit house to house every Saturday to check people cleaniness and the house environment in which they lived.

6. Eliminate the maitatsine criminal uprising.
While maitatsine persist buhari immediately send them to hell in two weeks and then peace was in abundance.

7. Environmental clean up.
Badly positioned structures were removed all over Nigeria,those includes kiosks stationed in all major roads which ensure cleaniness of the environment. In addition people were made to stop disposing trash and especially vehicles carry a mini basket for the disposal of trash instead of flirting the said trash on our roads.

8. Conquering of the chadian rebels.
Buhari did not wait one month or any instructions to revenge the soldiers killed by the chadian rebels,he assembled the available resources and military hardware and went straight to eliminate and end the incursion. Buhari only called the military headquarters during president shagari to inform them of his presence in Ndjamena.

9. Buhari was also able to maintained Nigerias security and integrity of which even his critics were able to voice out.

10. Petroleum trust funds (PTF)
Though,this and proof number number 8 are the only buharis achievements out of office recorded here,these will not stop me to indicate how buhari used two naira of the increased price of fuel to build more structures especially roads and hospitals of which evidence of these still exist. Okupe please come to Aminu kano teaching hospital in kano where you will still find bedsheets embeded with PTF logos.

Since okupes bastardized challange was fingered to insult and discredit the peoples general, i would like to add the following bonus, though iam not requesting additional payment but are ment to compliment the already stated buharis achievements.

11. Buhari using micro economic strategy was able to reduce inflation from 23% to 4% within 20 months.

12. Naira was stronger than a dollar, one 1 naira was exchanged for $1.4 and buhari govt was able to maintained that upto the time of Nigerias maradonna coming who politicized everything in Nigeria.

12. Buhari never borrowed any penny from any source becouse he was able to ensure prudency in running of his government,especially in running the financial aspect.

13. Nigeria during buhari govt,for the first time was able to export excess of locally refined petroleum products to other countries in the world which generate additional revenue to the state..

14. Buhari refused importing food items,but encourage local production of agricultural produce which generate employment for the teaming youths and further reduced rural – urban migration and ensures sustainance and availability of food products in the country.

While okupe might have been in Europe or Americas doing his ‘THINGS when such achievements were recorded, the people of Nigeria come rain come shine who were around at that time and now can equally add to these and can testify of more of buhari achievements.

For now, i shall rest and await the alert to my account delivering an alert of 1million naira prize money from okupe on his bastard challenge.

Comrade Alhassan Haruna Dambatta
[email protected]