#Election2015: The Many ‘Faults’ of Buhari, By Elvis Iyorngurum

General Muhammadu Buhari

by Elvis Iyorngurum

Is it truly the fault of Buhari that so many things have gone wrong leaving Nigeria in a state of stinking mess? Let’s do a count.

1. Buhari attempted to smuggle Umaru Dikko from the UK to Nigeria that is why our exchange rate has fallen to N213 to $1.

2. Buhari is old that is why GEJ’s government stole $40Billion of our oil revenue and N1trillion through a petroleum subsidy scam, in just a year! We do not know how much they have stolen in total as of today. They also stole over N40Billion pensions fund, over N800Billion SURE-P funds…the list goes on and on. All because Buhari is old. If Buhari were young, America would know because it is their money.

3. Buhari does not have a school certificate that is why our otherwise brave soldiers are not armed but pushed to the war front to be killed and disgraced by Boko Haram and then mocked around the world by the NSA. He said our dear soldiers are cowards, they do not need sophisticated arms to fight Boko Haram.

4. Buhari was a dictator that is why GEJ’s government murdered 17 graduates in a scam NIS recruitment ritual and no one has been held responsible for it.

5. Buhari does not smile that is why Boko Haram slaughtered 2000 people in Baga and our Emperor did not give a damn, they have annexed over 30,000 sq km of our territory, an area that is bigger than Denmark and our so-called C-in-C cannot dare to visit those places. They have slaughtered over 38,000 Nigerians and as of this morning, he is yet to give a damn.

6. Buhari is not women-friendly that is why GEJ’s government spent over N4trillion on security, yet we are daily overrun by a ragtag terrorist group and our security apparatus is exclusively securing members of emperor GEJ’s government and their friends, while the masses are left to their own fate.

7. Buhari cannot remember his phone number that is why our foreign reserve has been depleted from $66Billion to $35Billion under Emperor GEJ’s rule from 2011 – date, our Sovereign Wealth Fund has vanished, our Excess Crude Account keeps depleting mysteriously and they can’t account for what is happening to our resources.

8. Buhari’s running mate is a Pastor with 5000 churches that is why Emperor Jonathan’s government refused to rescue our 219 daughters that were abducted from Chibok by Boko Haram and incited the nation against them by lying that their abduction is a scam. Their families are still living in pain while you cannot imagine the horror the innocent girls are being subjected to everyday of their lives. How would you feel if your daughter or sister was among the girls?

9. Buhari is sick that is why Emperor Jonathan is arming a private army being built by ex-militants with N6Billion monthly under the cover of securing our oil installations, meanwhile the level of crude oil theft today is higher than ever before. They’re stealing over 400,000 barrels of crude oil EVERYDAY! Note that Ghana as a nation exports only 200,000 barrels per day.

10. Buhari is not a Nigerian that is why Emperor Jona commissioned some archaic political trains in Makurdi and the next day they were all evacuated to another town for another commissioning. This shameless scamming spree of this government would not have been possible if Buhari were a Nigerian.

11. Buhari did not attend the interdenominational end of year thanksgiving service in Lagos with his wife that is why civil servants are being owed salaries, there is so much suffering, fear, poverty, insecurity and hopelessness all across our country today.

The list of Buhari’s faults that have made Emperor Jona’s government mindlessly corrupt, weak, ineffective and clueless is inexhaustive. Add the ‘faults’ you can remember to the list and share with your friends and family as we get set to crown the change that is already here on FeBUHARI 14, 2015. GOD BLESS YOU and GOD BLESS NIGERIA. #FeBUHARI #GMB15
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