Boko Haram: Fake Audio, No Video Confirms Shekau Is Dead

Sept. 26, 2013; Updated 12 am ET, Sept 27

NewsRescue– Yesterday NewsRescue dared any media to substantiate their fake and dangerous claims that Abubakar  Shekau, the dead leader of Boko Haram was still alive.

Highly suspiciously, shortly after Apo believed extrajudicial killings in Abuja, and the week US congress discusses Boko Haram, DailyTrust, followed by BBC Hausa, and then other news blogs like SaharaReporters and AllAfrica claimed there was a new video in which Shekau said he was alive and claimed responsibility for recent killings in Monguno and Benisheik.

No video was posted to support this preposterous claim that even BBC world recirculated.

DailyTrust described the video they presented–without showing even a single still image–as showing Shekau in army fatigue with similar dressed commandos around him in the forest.

It is 24 hours later and no such evidence has been presented by any media.

SaharaReporters published a very laughable audio single image youtube with an old image of Shekau that was meant to represent the newest video.

This audio was a highly pathetic attempt at representing Shekau’s ghost. Firstly there is no video, as was earlier claimed.

Secondly, the audio voice was not that of Shekau, our experienced voice analysts and not so experienced voice analysts all agreed the voice had much higher pitches and greater youth and trepidation than Shekau typically has. There is a 100% confirmation that the audio is a fraud, possibly by members who are afraid of losing position to the new crazy wannabe leaders.

This fake video claim could also be a more sinister agenda by international or national government agencies to foster trouble in Nigeria and Africa. BBC and even Reuters rebroadcasting such an obviously fake terror propaganda claim supports the second view, that elements are unhappy with Nigeria’s military and civilian JTF success against Boko Haram bandits.

A report we published yesterday of the impossible, dozens of US Armored trucks and other high tech military equipment being ‘stolen’ from NATO and US run Libya, sends chills down Nigerians spines, of what sinister plans people have for terrorizing and destabilizing Africa–seeking the “opportunity in chaos for a new world order,” to quote Henry Kissinger.

NewsRescue analysts yesterday presented that Shekau was dead or totally disposed. The recent cheap random killings were affirmation of his death and a tussle among the remaining defeated terrorists, each trying to show he is more bloody so as to take Shekau’s spot. This is why recent Mosque and road killings have been of cheap standards, but attempts at worthless massacring. This is just to make other members fear the individual striving to become the feared leader who gets the most bounty from these bandits.

NewsRescue still challenges any media to substantiate their junk and unprofessional journalistic claims that Shekau is alive, with a veritable video.

Update: New fake video clip broadcast 24 HOURS AFTER CLAIM

A latest very, very, brief clip published by AFP purporting to show Shekau is extremely fake.

Shekau looks like a puppet in it. His neck has such odd movements and he seems to have no right arm the way the video was made.

It is so easy to make such fake videos these days. This one looks like it was made in a Hollywood studio.

Unlike almost all his other videos, this is presented from a distance too far to possibly verify the identity of the individual.