BREAKING: Boko Haram Leader, “Abubakar Shekau” Reportedly In Nigerian Government Custody



Intelligence sources have leaked that the Nigerian government with its Chadian partners have captured a current “Abubakar Shekau,” leader character of the Boko Haram sect.

Our sources did not tell us exactly when he was detained, however he said categorically that “we have Shekau and he is alive.”

The Nigerian army and unusually the president himself this week promised to capture “Shekau” alive before the March 28th elections.

Plans To Get Shekau To Indict Opposition Candidate General Muhammadu Buhari

Disturbingly, an authentic leak has informed us that Shekau is currently being drilled and fed a confession statement to be made when he is recorded on the “battle field” being “captured” and interrogated. The confession is to claim opposition candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari who is expected to sweep the upcoming elections this March, is the sponsor of Boko Haram.

boko haram joker2Our sources said that only an inner circle of intelligence chiefs were in on this plan, including the nation’s national security adviser, Sambo Dasuki. He said a video will soon be released in which Nigerian soldiers appear to be capturing Abubakar Shekau and as he is beaten in the video, he will accuse General Buhari and other top opposition candidates of being behind the sect. Dasuki has been promised to be made the Sultan of Sokoto by president Jonathan as we earlier broke.

Our sources said that this dangerous and desperate plan is to galvanize all fanatic religious support possible for the ruling PDP party. He said that the confession by the Boko Haram terrorist leader double is not expected to lead to an indictment as terrorist words are usually dismissed, but is to be used as widely propagated videos on the internet and via text files, in attempt to scare potential voters for General Buhari.

Shekau is being offered a good deal for implicating General Buhari; he wants quick death; but Nigeria’s president is even offering him that he may be allowed to escape after he safely re-assumes office.

who wants buhari dead

Terrible Dimension But Not Entirely New Concept

The formal libelous accusation of opposition candidate and ‘integrity’ contestant, General Buhari is not new from the ruling camp. Ruling party spokesmen have propagated very serious accusations against his person; which as NewsRescue detailed, he promptly contested in court leading to the ruling PDP spokesmen retracting the claims after the president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan personally begged Buhari to settle the libel suit he won against them out of court. SEE: NewsRescueJonathan Presidency Begged Buhari To Settle Abati “Ungovernable” Slander Libel Suit Out of Court

There have also been serious Boko Haram activities including bombings and an attempt on General Buhari’s life which the ruling party has been accused of directly having a hand in.

Multiple Abubakar Shekaus

President Jonathan and Idriss Deby, linked to Boko Haram

President Jonathan and Idriss Deby, linked to Boko Haram

Investigations by NewsRescue have revealed that the first real person bearing that title has been killed in August of 2013; another double who adopted the role was killed last year. The current double who has been working parallel to the “Shekau” killed at Konduga last year is a close ally of Chad’s president, Idriss Deby, remembered for duping Nigeria with a scam ceasefire. According to intelligence information, the ceasefire was actually brokered between Deby and Shekau, but Shekau could not convince the other majore Ansaru terror leaders also on US terror watch list and who were actually in possession of the abducted Chibok goirls, to agree to the scrumptious deal and payment.

Since the election 6-week war began Boko Haram terrorists have been telling us that their “contract” is over and they are returning to their home countries. Who signed this contract is yet to be established, however after Stephen Davis implicated the Nigerian government through its chief of army, General Azubuike Ihejirika and Borno senator, Ali Modu sheriff in Boko Haram, the tides turned and the sect failed in its chief use for slandering the opposition.

It was barely 10 days after the expose by Davis that the “ceasefire” meeting was held in Ndjamena with implicated senator Modu Sheriff, Nigeria’s president and his Chadian counterpart in attendance.

Shekau Changes from ‘Boko Haram’ To ‘Elections Haram’

A recent “Shekau” video had him sitting unusually in front of a blue background in a studio. Our sources tell us that that video in which he furthered a common agenda the ruling party has, which is to disrupt the elections that do not currently favor the ruling party, was said according to our sources, to have been made in the custody of the Nigerian government with their Chadian partners.

In the new video, Shekau promised that they will rather die than see Nigeria through the March 28th presidential elections. Obeservers quickly noticed and commented that suddenly Shekau changed from Boko Haram to Elections Haram.


caught shekau

We have in the past few days reported that the Nigerian army has also according to eye  witnesses, been aggressively distributing flyers on behalf of Boko Haram claiming the group members or a faction of them were repentant, this move is designed to gain favor among the indigens of Nigeria and to allow the terrorists re-assimilate in local communities during the temporary period of deactivation.

shekau flyer

Boko Haram propaganda being distributed by Nigerian army

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  1. Avatar
    Abdullahi Usman Gombe 23 February, 2015 at 15:54 Reply

    we are not fools. we knw wht the government are up to. but lets see how it will end up. Mohammad Yusuf was arrested and later killed by unknwn police men jst fr him nt to xpose them. now they wnt to use this man to cause crises in the country. we r waiting

  2. Avatar
    Khaled Maiwada Abdulsalam 23 February, 2015 at 16:11 Reply

    We hope this story is true and if so then let him be taken to an open court and try if it is true that some people in government are not his collaborators. This will make the people have more confidence in their leaders and government. It will destroy the conspiracy theories flying about.After all despite the devastation of the WWII, all the captured Nazi leaders were tried in and open court or tribunal in Nuremberg. Anything short of that means somebody wants to hide something and we Nigerians who suffered in the hands of this butcher will not accept.

  3. Avatar
    erunz 23 February, 2015 at 17:23 Reply


  4. Avatar
    Derek Ezims 23 February, 2015 at 16:42 Reply

    Don't worry the plans should come up then Nigerians will ask the ruling party how come they were able to catch him in 2weeks after election was postpone, a man they couldn't catch in 6years. We knew PDP were up to something. Haha PDP thinks that Nigerians are fools, we know that they are behind Boko H.

  5. Avatar
    J. B. Akpan 23 February, 2015 at 19:21 Reply

    No matter your yard-stick and permutations, only God installs
    kings. So only God knows who will “sweep the
    upcoming elections”.

    There will be big disappointments for those who are
    knowingly or unknowingly playing “God”.

    Let’s prepare our minds to accept God’s verdict in this

    I humbly appeal to all journalist and politicians avoid “explosive”

  6. Avatar
    Yomi Falade 23 February, 2015 at 18:31 Reply

    PDP is living true to its real name meaning, Personality Defamation Party. they plan to capture Shekau for the umpteenth time and spin a slander tale that Buhari is Boko sponsor. That slander will not fly, Jonathan will lose the election and Buhari will discover the real PDP sponsors and bring then to book. Game starts.

  7. Avatar
    Yomi Falade 23 February, 2015 at 19:32 Reply

    PDP is living true to its real name meaning, Personality Defamation Party. they plan to capture Shekau for the umpteenth time and spin a slander tale that Buhari is Boko sponsor. That slander will not fly, Jonathan will lose the election and Buhari will discover the real PDP sponsors and bring then to book. Game starts.

  8. Avatar
    Derek Ezims 23 February, 2015 at 20:03 Reply

    My president is no longer news that we have discoverd your plans to pin to Gen Buhari the man who you will drill to play your roll as mr Shekau. But my question to you sir is this: So Nigeria can actually fight Boko H and even capture their leader Shekau?How come and easy is it now that your military dogs can catch him in 6weeks a man who has taking them 6years to catch? Just after you postpone election? It has even come to our notice that he is in your custody now undergoing drilling so as to play your evil roll. It is sad that you have allowed this Boko H fight claim so many lifes in Nigeria just because of your political gains. We Nigerians knew that Boko H was never a triat to this country but you allowed and sponsored them to go on just to have means of stealling our money. But unfortunate for you and your gang election have opened you ass to reveal to Nigerians that you can actually cub Boko H in weeks, why then were you so wicked to allow them kill innocent Nigerians in the first place? now you want to tag it on Buhari abi? My humble advice to you is that you trade with caution, Nigerians are wiser! We know Fedral Gov. and presidency are behind Boko H and you people will answer when time comes. I thought you were playing God. No country want to sell arms to you before, but now they not only sell arms to you but you have also proven that Boko H was nothing, yet you allowed they take many lives. May God help you Jonathan because what you are about to do might end the country Nigeria. Just be careful!!!

  9. Avatar
    Mazi Iyke 23 February, 2015 at 20:10 Reply

    God will save all of us. We shouldn't play politics with the live of Nigerians. Let's be guided by a way forward not allow ourselves as tool for destruction. Thanks

  10. Avatar
    oluway 23 February, 2015 at 21:42 Reply

    Nigerians are aware of the screenplay of this movie, we all know where the story is going to end. They sounded confident to capture him before March 28th , this is funny, This clueless Government jeopardized the lives of her citizen over years to this rag-tag group for selfish interest, they purposely planted all this drama. What a shame

  11. Avatar
    Caleb Waziri 23 February, 2015 at 21:28 Reply

    Are U saying saying GHB is truely behind the BH? I thought he has repented from being fanatical! Who can be trusred then? Bcos even U too sounds unreliable and highly false.. Pls dont confused the public… May God exposed the evil men behind and also insupport of BH. May all liar and false reporters be disgraced. God give us a leader after your own heart who love peace, who is genuine and selfless IJN.

  12. Avatar
    Scatter 24 February, 2015 at 01:07 Reply

    Yeah, we all know why Dumbo Dumbo is so-called. But he and his henchmen will be taking things too far to try to get Shekau, if and when he is caught alive, to implicate Buhari. It will be a joke too far. Shekau has already called Buhari a non-Muslim, so how could also claim him to be his sponsor?

    Now, even my dog just doesn’t buy such trash. Which is why it has a simple plea …

  13. Avatar
    Nitsh 24 February, 2015 at 06:36 Reply

    In as much as I don’t support the clueless one, I don’t believe news like this. I pray the NA get hold of the BH leaders and end this senseless killings.

  14. Avatar
    Imam Isah 24 February, 2015 at 11:51 Reply

    GEJ don't blame God for given u power without u having anbition. I advise u to be grateful and accept that ur time is up, don't force ur self too much ur end will be distrous. Ur plan of framing GMB shows how desparete are u for power. My advise for u is

  15. Avatar
    Yahaya 24 February, 2015 at 17:59 Reply

    Very very interesting that APC considers the news of Shekrau’s capture as ‘disturbing’. Celebrations in Brazil or Italy winning the world cup can not be compared with the jubilation in USA on the day that Osama Bin Laden was captured. There seem to be no nationalists in Nigeria. Just selfish men in both parties seeking personal power. They will send their children abroad and tell us to go and vote in the absence of soldiers so that when we are killed they say its because elections were rigged. They are most unloving. For them in APC our security is not important. Rather it is their victory at the polls. No soldiers during elections in a burning Nigeria?

  16. Avatar
    Kalu Onwuka Kalu 25 February, 2015 at 10:44 Reply

    Very cheap one by the APC…always shooting themselves in the leg…if they didn't just say the truth now which is that MB is the sponsor of BH…they should have waited if their hands were clean…

  17. Avatar
    Gab Gab 26 February, 2015 at 08:35 Reply

    Mike Dupe Balogun There has always been element of truth to any atom of rumor, this Government can do more than what is written here, do you remember how they played Nigerians about S.A Arms deal which later came true, what about Ekiti audio tape which was denied and later accepted by some of the participants even though they still deny the contents and many others. Do you remember Sanni Abacha that said "Any insurgence that last more than 24hrs, Government knows about it" for you to know what happened, Why is it now that Northerners said Boko Haram issues will not make them to vote Jonathan that they just find solution? Why now and not before?

  18. Avatar
    Bonny Okon 25 March, 2015 at 10:26 Reply

    a story without facts is a fallacy, this story has no fact just allegation , no prove. so it is a fallacy. people should try to encourage people to seek peace and stop creating avenue for animosity. stop being a hate monger.

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