BREAKING: Cameroon Sentences 89 Boko Haram Fighters to Death, Unlike Nigeria Which Gives Them Life

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Cameroon has sentenced 89 members of Nigerian Islamist militant group Boko Haram to death, local media report.

They were convicted on terror charges by a military court for their roles in several attacks in Cameroon’s northern region which borders Nigeria.

Cameroon passed an anti-terror law in 2014 which introduced the death sentence.

This is the first time the death sentenced has been used since that law was passed.

The 89 are among 850 people arrested in Cameroon on charges of links to Boko Haram.

NewsRescue-Nigeria has been criticized for giving life to Boko Haram terrorists while sentencing lesser criminals to death. See: While Boko Haram Terrorists Are Always Given Life, Rev. King Sentenced To Death