BREAKING: Ibn Fadlallah Warriors, Army Recapture Mubi From Boko Haram

Ibn Fadlallah People's resistance Forces

The Nigerian military backed by local hunters have recaptured Mubi, the second largest town in Adamawa State from the control of Boko Haram.

The insurgents reportedly fled the town on Monday after a fierce battle with the military and hunters near the town..

One of the residents of Mubi confirmed the development, saying the insurgents withdrew completely from Mubi around 2pm on Monday after suffering serial defeats between Saturday and Monday in Maiha and Mubi.

“Around 2 pm on Monday, the insurgents asked us to get in to our houses because they were coming to attack the town. Later, we discovered that it was a trick for them to flee the town without us knowing,” the resident said.

The residents said security forces camped at the barracks in the outskirts of Mubi around 4 pm on Tuesday, firing warning shots in the air and chanting war songs before moving to the heart of the town Wednesday morning.

Confirming the development, Adamawa State governor, Bala Nggilari said the military and vigilante took control of Mubi on Wednesday.

“The good news is that our people have pushed the insurgents  out of Mubi after the troops working on the side of Gombi pushed them out of the area. There is synergy between the military and the vigilante and hunters,” he said.

He said government is supporting security agencies.