#BringBackOurZariaGirls Protest in Abuja, Submit Letter To NHRC


#BringBackOurZariaGirls continued protests in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital
Tuesday, demanding the Nigerian army and federal government investigate
and locate about 50 girls, many of the ABU university abducted by the nigerian
military during the Zaria massacre in December of 2015. The girls have not been
seen since.

A statement by members of the team read:

As concern citizens and members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, we
found it of paramount importance to launch a campaign on the
disastrous incident that occurred last year in Zaria, which is far
beyond the massacre of over 1,000 people. Albeit, we still mourn the
tragedy of the loss of our brothers and sisters, but the bitter part
of it is the abduction of over 50 girls by men of the Nigerian army.

Last year on 12 to 14 December, we were mercilessly attacked by men
of the Nigerian Army (N.A) at our worship centre, Husainiyyah
Baqiyyatullah. While we were about to commence an event of a flag
hoisting for celebrating the month of Rabi’ul Awwal (The month in
which the holy Prophet of Islam was born), the convoy of the chief of
army staff arrived and executed a purported plan in which they accused
members of the movement of denying the COAS passageway. The army
disguised under road blockade and instantly killed over 50 people at
the centre. They also proceeded to Gyallesu residence of Sheikh
Zakzaky, a far location from the worship centre, where they committed
massacre in its fullest. They killed the old and the juveniles, also
among those killed were infants.

The Nigerian army spent over 48 hours killing innocent Nigerian
citizens without any legal back-up. They notoriously failed to allow
the law to take its course. At reaching the house of the leader of the
Islamic movement they killed 3 of his biological sons, shot his wife
while he watches, and finally shot him in sensitive spots. The
Nigerian army whisked the Sheikh and his wife to an unknown
destination, and after some few days they handed them over to the DSS.

It is over 9 months now since after the tragedy, and our leader is
under the custody of the DSS while sustaining gunshots. One of his
eyes will have by now stopped functioning, while the other remaining
eye is at danger of malfunctioning as well. Qualified doctors are
denied access to him, and he is not been processed through the
criminal justice system. We view this act as a violation of the law of
the state, and violation of fundamental human rights.

The cruellest act of men of the Nigerian Army in Zaria involved the
abduction of girls of age group 14 to 27. The abduction of the girls
took place immediately after the disastrous massacre at the residence
of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, which is a shameful act that dented the
image of the Nigerian Military in the international arena. Every
responsible human being will find it worthy to condemn the Zaria
girls’ abduction. Men of the Nigerian armed forces acted totally
against the guiding principles and ethics of the military profession.

In a situation where Nigerians and parents of the abducted Chibok
girls relied heavily with the belief that the army can rescue their
abducted children, yet the same army were caught in a new set of
abduction paradox. The distinction between Chibok girls’ abduction and
Zaria abduction is that, Chibok is related to a group that operates in
anonymity, while in Zaria girls’ abduction it was fully undertaken by
uniformed men of the Nigerian army. Females are precious species that
are highly fragile and sensitive, that is the reason why we launched
the #BringBackOurZariaGirls campaign; we hope to see the engagement of
human right activists, socialists, feminist groups, and all
sympathetic minds in the struggle for the freedom of our abducted




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