British man wakes up naked on beach in Thailand with no memory of the last two days

Lazy eyes listen


A “drunk” British man was found naked singing football songs on a beach after an all-night birthday party.

Alexander William Loftus, from Epsom in Surrey, was found by fishermen struggling to stay afloat in the sea off the coast of Maenam Beach on Koh Samui island, Thailand.

A video shows a small group of Thai fishermen trying to get him onto the boat and taking him to the shore, where he meets the policemen.

When he meets the policemen, he tells them to “go and meet with God”.

The 30-year-old has no clothes on as he is asked to “go back to the hotel and shower”.

But he refuses and apparently says: “No, I’m not going back.

“Let me worry about getting back and let me relax. I’m coming here to go to a wedding.”

One onlooker, Theerayut, who lives close to the beach, said: “I heard the tourist shouting and singing songs on the beach.