Buhari Goes To Influence Ghana To Battle Growing Corruption

John Mahama condemned Paris attcak but failed to condemn 2500 killed in Nigeria at the same time


As Ghana battles increasing corruption with the president’s junior brother a prime target of much public anger with his audacious ostentatiousness and hand in the money pot, president’ Buhari’s timely visit to the country is viewed as the beginning of his role to spread an anti-corruption crusade across Africa.

Idris Ahmed said, “His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari is on official visit to Ghana today. Even though our President is there to mind his business, he has unintentionally caused unexpected discomfort to his host, President John Dramani Mahama. On the arrival of his Excellency in Accra, suddenly Ghanians are asking their president and his VP to declare their assets publicly! This little incidence in Ghana today proves what we have always believed in; that once Nigeria is fixed, the whole of the African continent will be fixed! The positive changes in Nigeria will automatically become contagious and will spread throughout the African continent like wild fire. It is our time for African Renaissance!”