To My Christian Compatriots, by Elvis Iyorngurum

Elvis Iyorngurum

Beloved in Christ, in 2011 they told you to vote a christian as president to prevent the Islamisation of Nigeria. Four years later, it is obvious that the message was straight from the pit of hell. Today it is very doubtful to say the ‘christian president’ you voted is indeed a christian. How does it profit the church that there has been so much bloodshed under the rule of this man? He refused to arm the military after squandering over 4trillion Naira he budgeted for defence, and millions of dollars donated to our country by foreign governments to support our war against Boko Haram. Our poorly armed soldiers are forced to run away when Boko Haram attacks communities because the enemy is more equipped than they are. Our dear army that is known to be one of the most effective in the world! Thousands of our poor soldiers have already been killed like chickens, leaving their wives as widows and rendering their children fatherless. Is Boko Haram bigger than the giant of Africa? How can a ragtag group of terrorists overrun the best military in Africa? To make matters worse for our gallant men and women, they are going to kill over 200 of them for ‘mutiny’ and have announced the dismissal of 2000 for refusing to go and die.

The attitude of the man has made many to believe he allowed Boko Haram to thrive so that he will extend his tenure with the excuse that we are at war. He also hoped that even if his tenure is not extended, with the insurgency, elections will not hold in the North East and he will simply thumb print the region’s votes for himself. Is this how a christian should rule? Should a christian have abandoned the Chibok girls after they were abducted and lied against those advocating for their rescue by calling them APC? Two thousand (2000) people were killed in Baga and the so-called christian president did not even say a word about it but was quick to condole the people of France over the killing of 12 people in the country. Is that how to protect christianity? Is that how a christian should rule? The bible says the people rejoice when the righteous rule and for the fact that Nigerians have been crying, fathers mourning their sons and daughters and wives burying their husbands, shows we are being led by a wolf in shepherd’s clothing.

Is it in the interest of the church that corruption should become the most popular culture of government? During his six years as president, Nigeria has recorded her highest oil revenue earnings in her history, yet we have not seen any development. No electricity, no water, no housing, no roads, no jobs. Talk about the 2nd Niger bridge that he hasn’t been able to construct in six years, the East-West road that is the worse in the country, our refineries that still can’t function after millions of dollars have been spent on repairing them, the trillions they have stolen through the fuel subsidy scam, the missing 20billion dollars…the list is endless. What exactly has he achieved with our oil money? The foreign reserve is half spent, the sovereign wealth fund is gone, the excess crude account has vanished, yet there is nothing to show for it. Is this how a christian president should rule to save christianity?

Many men of God have realised that this man is a wolf that came in the name of Christ but is not of His kingdom. They have been calling on all christians to vote him out on February 14. Rev Fr Mbaka has spoken, Pastor Kumuyi has added his voice. Pastor Sam Adeyemi and Anthony Cardinal Okogie have also spoken in clear words. We cannot let ourselves be deceived any longer. Christ said many will come in His name and deceive the world but they are not of His kingdom. He told us that by their fruits we shall know the true ambassadors of His kingdom. Has this man shown any fruits that prove he is of God?

Is blood thirst a fruit of the kingdom? Is corruption and the neglect of poor girls, women, boys and men to perish in the hands of terrorists a fruit of God’s kingdom? He said stealing is not corruption. He condemned a former president for jailing a man that stole money that according to him was not enough to buy a peugeot car! That is why Stella Oduah bought two cars with 2million dollars and he has not jailed her. We all know there are people who are in jail this minute for stealing a fowl. He protects thieves because he loves stealing. Remember what the bible says of the thief? He comes to steal, to kill and to destroy. He has stolen our money, killed our people and destroyed our common heritage. Remember the 17 graduates that were deceived with immigration jobs, killed and their destinies destroyed? Till today, no one has been punished for that atrocity and Aba Moro is still a minister in the christian president’s cabinet. He has destroyed our unity, spreading ethnic and religious hate to keep us fighting while he steals our resources and we MUST not let him continue with his reign of evil. If you go to Otueke where he comes from, there are people who can’t afford a meal in a day. The Niger-Delta region where he comes from is still full of hungry and impoverished people. He has been stealing in their name and leaving them in squalor. He is not a christian, if anything he is a shame to the church, he has even allowed the destruction of hundreds of churches in the North East.

The church cannot be threatened by any leader and it cannot be protected by hypocrites who pretend to be christian leaders. An atmosphere of justice, peace and prosperity is what the church needs to survive and God can use anyone to provide it. Remember the story of the good Samaritan? A Jew was attacked by thieves, his brother passed by and refused to help him. His priest passed by and refused too and he was going to die bleeding by the road side. It was a Samaritan, a supposed enemy that saved him and Jesus said that Samaritan was his real neighbour. Jonathan refused to save the Church and God is set to send a Muslim to show us that he loves us all, regardless of our religion and we should judge people by their character and not their tribe, religion or colour. That is the lesson of the story of the good Samaritan. The man you think is your enemy is the man who may rather show you the truest love that you need to survive.

My beloved brethren, reject all the messages they are circulating to deceive you into voting a man whose claim to christianity is false. Vote for change, vote for a man of truth and godly principles. Say no to satanism, reject the rule of occultists who feast on blood and entertain themselves with the cry of the masses. Vote the good Samaritan who will save you from the wounds of thieves.

Thank you, God bless you and God bless our dear country.

Your beloved in Christ,

Elvis Iyorngurum
Twitter: @ElvisIyorngurum