No Diaspora Vote 2015: Jonathan Fails Another Promise To Nigerians


In the Vanguard of 2011, February 1st, President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria in addition to other promises he made to  Nigerians in Ethiopia, including his popular promise not to contest in 2015 if they vote him in in 2011; said he will ensure the millions of Nigerians in the Diaspora got to vote in 2015.

It can only be another empty promise as weeks to the election many Nigerians in Nigeria are yet to get PVCs.

From the Vanguard:

While fielding questions from those present at the interactive session on whether Nigerians abroad will vote, Jonathan said: “I would have loved that the Nigerians in Diaspora vote this year but to be frank with you, that is going to be difficult now. Presently, the law does not allow the voting outside Nigeria and so this year Nigerians in Diaspora will not vote but I will work towards it by 2015 even though I will not be running for election.”

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