2015: Nigeria’s President Violates His Covenant And Oath To Nation Under God


The leader of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has just reportedly violated his oath made to the nation under God.

The President Thursday announced that he will be contesting for a second term as President of the nation, in violation to an oath he made freely to the nation, under God, promising that “if elected President in 2011, to only serve a single term and not contest the 2015 election.”

Jonathan stated in the oath he made at home and to Nigerians abroad, that “four years” was more than enough. See oath in Vanguard.

The covenant he made was the reason many Nigerians voted for him, giving him that chance believing he will only contest to serve a single term as he promised. Nigerians who voted for Goodluck Jonathan view this apart from being a violation of an oath, as being deceit and a fraud.

This third appearance in addition to being elected on the Presidency/Vice president ballot twice for two terms and a total of 8 years in the leadership Aso rock already.

It has been a point of grievance that not only did the President make this public covenant to get Nigerians to vote him in in 2011, but also he signed a similar undertaking with member of the ruling PDP party.