Compensating Boko Haram Terrorists: El-Rufai Opening Can Of Worms That Won’t Close – Reno Omokri

Kaduna Governor Nasir El-Rufai in attendance

Former Special Adviser, Electronic Media, to Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has said that the Kaduna state Governor, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai is opening a Pandora’s box which can not be closed by paying Fulani herdsmen to stop killing in Southern Kaduna.

Describing the act as “unjust, idiocy and madness” in what he termed “Paying Murderers to Stop Killing in Southern Kaduna,” Omokri condemned the Governor’s act and said such is capable of breeding more dangers than the solution it claims to solve.

“I was shocked out of my revere. Who does that? How can a government pay murderers to stop murdering? Are we living under the mafia? we in Chicago of the 1920s? Is this Cecily of just before the Second World War? ”

“You know that these people are murderers and you’ve identified them, then you as a government are sending people to go and meet them to tell them that you will compensate them, you will pay them to stop killing?”

“I mean, who does that? Why are you in the state as a governor; why is President Muhammadu Buhari the President? You were elected into office to protect the constitution of Nigeria.”

“The constitution of Nigeria says that if anybody commits murder, that person is arrested, prosecuted and jailed in prison. Or hanged, sentenced, shot, executed, however you put it there. You don’t go and pay compensation to murderers, that’s not what our Lord says. This is unjust.”

“These people who had killed Christians in Southern Kaduna, hundreds of them, probably thousands, I think, since 2011 this has been a case of thousand of them, I know people that are from there. I know members of the Christian Association that are there because am very intimate with CAN.”

“This is wrong. This is injustice! You are saying that, ok, you’ve identified them, you’ve traced them to their to where they are. Some of them are in Niger, some of them are in Chad, some of them are in different countries. Then you’ve gone to go and meet them, you’ve talked to them…What Nonsense! What Nonsense!”

“If there are any people among the Southern Kaduna Christians who killed Fulanis, arrest them, prosecute them and send them to jail.”

“And then, if there are any Fulanis who have killed Southern Kaduna Christians, arrest them, prosecute them and send them to jail. Do not give anybody money, do not compensate anybody with money for killing. What kind of thing is that! What kind of nonsense is that?”

“And you say you are a government? Look, you have children, you Mallam Nasir El-rufai, Governor of Kaduna state. If I said, ok, well, I am not happy because of the things you said about President Goodluck Jonathan and you said ridiculous things. You insulted him while he was praying. You said that if any of the soldiers take any of the lives of the Fulanis pasuwelas in Plateau state that killing indigenes of Plateau state, that you were going to consider it a debt to be taken at a future date.”

“Then, if I were to say that am angry with you and I go and kill somebody dear to you, does it make sense for government to come and say, oh Reno, don’t be angry, take this money and leave Mallam Nasir’s people? That is silly, its idiocy!”

“ Nobody should be doing that. Look, I had to compose myself before I came to give this message. Is Nigeria a zoo?”

“Tens of thousands of people have been killed by Boko Haram, a lot of them Christians. Boko Haram have bombed churches on Christmas day. They bombed a Catholic church in Madala on Christmas day. So many people were killed. They burnt several of churches in Borno, Yobe axis, how many of those Christian families have been paid compensation? How many of them have been paid compensation?”

“ Ok, they killed their cows and some of their people and you want to go and pay them compensation? With what money? The money that is coming to you in Kaduna, where is it coming from? Its coming to you from the Niger Delta! And then you want to go and carry that money and pay compensation to people who were killing Christians, what nonsense!”

“ And then people are sending me message telling me, oh Reno, you have to be careful, what if they arrest you? And so what?”

“ If they arrest me, should I be afraid of a man and then now not be afraid of God? What will I say to God on judgment day if am there being judged that this is what happened and I kept quiet, am afraid or may be because am thinking about not being arrested by DSS. If DSS kill me, they cant kill my spirit, they cant kill my soul.”

“ With my own money, I built an orphanage. That orphanage, we are getting a child from Borno state. Am I from Borno, do I know anybody from Borno? Am doing this because, this is what God has called us to do. Mathew 25 verse 40: Jesus said, whatsoever you do to the least of these my brethren, that you do unto me.” “What concerns me, am a dead man already. I have given my life to Christ. Galatians 2 verse 20: “The life I live, I live by the faith of the son of God who loves me and gave His life for me.”

“ How will I keep quiet and watch this? Thousands of these people have been killed and then you said you are going to go and pay compensation! Why is the government in place? Is it not to arrest people who have committed murder, prosecute them and to try them?”

“ If you do this thing, you are going to uneaten a can of warms that you cannot close. “

“President Muhammadu Buhari, I know that you are a Fulani man. I know that you are also a God-fearing man. I have read about your history. Am one of the critics who have studied you. I have read the Koran just like you. Am not just somebody who was just born into a Christian family and I decided to be Christian. Np, I looked for God. I have read the Koran. If I begin to talk about the Koran now, you will be shocked. This thing that is happening is injust, its unjust.”

“As President Muhammadu Buhari, if you ever watches or your children watches or your family members or aides watching it to explain it to you, you better stop the Kaduna state governor from taking any such kind of action.”

“Because one, it is going to incite the people of Sothern’s area, the Christian people of southern area. I am in my fourties. Since I have been a child till now, I have never heard of it when Christians just gather themselves and start killing muslems, I have never heard of it.”

“And if they do that, they should be tried, they should be put in prison, they should be jailed, they should be locked up and they should be executed if it is proven. ”

“ You should not go and start paying murderers money. And to all of you there, Fr. Mbaka, Tunde Bakare, cardinal Onayekun, all pf you that go and hob-knob them there, why can’t you tell them the truth?”

“Am not supporting anybody there. Any Southern Kaduna person that has killed, he should be arrested and tried. Any Fulani person that has killed, he should be arrested and tried. No money must exchange hands. Then, if that’s what you are doing, then it is better to call it quits. There is break down of law and order and Kaduna state should cease to exist. Then you better go to prison and free all the murderers and give them money. And say don’t kill any more.”

“ Christian leaders are there in Abuja doing praise and warship, doing miracle breakthroughs. Look, your brethren are being killed.”

Go and tell El-Rufai that what he is doing is not good, nit is unjust.” He is one of the social media savvy governors. Go to his handle and tell him that he is opening a Pandora’s box that will not be closed”

Recall that Governor El-rufai had said on Friday that, “We took certain steps. We got a group of people that were going round trying to trace some of these people in Cameroon, Niger republic and so on to tell them that there is a new governor who is Fulani like them and has no problem paying compensations for lives lost and he is begging them to stop killing.

“In most of the communities, once that appeal was made to them, they said they have forgiven. There are one or two that asked for monetary compensation. They said they have forgiven the death of human beings, but want compensation for cattle.

We said no problem, and we paid some. As recently as two weeks ago, the team went to Niger republic to attend one Fulani gathering that they hold every year with a message from me