Deadly storm batters Moscow (VIDEOS)

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A powerful storm swept through Moscow on Thursday, leaving two people dead, injuring several others, and damaging buildings and infrastructure, local authorities said. 

A man was killed by a falling tree in the north of the city, and another fatality was reported later in the day. Another 14 people were injured when torrential rains and high winds ripped through the capital. According to preliminary estimates, 23 trees were felled and a number of cars were damaged, RIA Novosti reported.

Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin has issued a weather warning, saying tornadoes could appear in the city and the surrounding region.

Heavy rainstorms in Moscow and Moscow Region were accompanied by severe gusts of wind. Footage shows uprooted trees scattered around the city.

Numerous videos filmed by residents from the upper floors of apartment buildings captured the extreme weather causing havoc.  

In footage published online, tornadoes can be seen in Moscow Region, including the towns of Istra and Lobnya.

Multiple videos showed parts of roofs, and anything not secured to the ground, sent flying – carts, scooters and even outdoor toilets. People were knocked off their feet by powerful gusts, according to local media reports.

A metal sheet torn off by the wind in the northeast of the capital flew into a tram, injuring two people, the Moscow Department of Transport said.

Evgeny Tishkovets, a leading specialist at the Fobos weather center, said Thursday’s rainstorm in Moscow exceeded a third of the monthly precipitation average.