DSS Undermined Barnawi Arrest By Linking It With IPOB – Analyst

Khakid al-Barnawi [arrested]


NewsRescue top security analyst, Dr. Atigun has described the linking of the arrest of Khalid al-Barnawi, one of three wanted terrorists on the US Boko Haram wanted list, with a suspected IPOB linked abduction and murder of 4-5 Hausa-Fulani men as “unusual and problematic.”

Dr. Atigun remarked that no serious Security organization will undermine such a high level arrest by muddling it in other domestic criminal events.

Khakid al-Barnawi
Khakid al-Barnawi

“I see it as rather unusual. Obama will never relay the arrest of Osama Bin laden with other domestic events or any other event whatsoever. This is a standalone news item…if the SSS knows the full implication of arresting Khalid Barnawi.

“I wonder whether they were trying to close the Boko Haram case…which will still be open for decades. You can’t simply close a case. US is still with the al-Qaeda case. The victims remain there. Those affected remain. They have not yet indicted anyone in the Boko Haram saga..found anyone guilty. You know, whose behind it. I wonder why they will try to undermine Barnawi’s arrest. Or perhaps they were trying to elevate the Biafran matter to enter international terrorism news. That too would be an unrealistic endeavor.”

“This is somebody we have been looking for for several years. A very deadly and thoroughly linked man…a trove of information.”

“It makes you hope they know what they are doing and who Barnawi is,” Dr Atigun concluded.