El-Rufa’i’s Series Of Failed Policies And What He Can Learn From Some Other Governors’ Successes

Nasir el-Rufai, governor of Kaduna state

By Malam Isah Abbas Ahmed

It is no news that the present administration made a lot of headlines over policies that are obviously impossible to fully implement. Most of these policies usually work for few weeks, at most 3 months before they are ignored by the public.

These policies are, amongst others,
The Okada ban;
The street hawking ban;
The street begging ban;
The hospitals billing centralization;
The pupil’s feeding policy;
The BUMBURUTU ban; and
The upcoming preaching regulation.

I believe any well exposed person knows that governance is vast. It is very difficult for one to know it all when it comes to governance. This is the problem of Nasir El-Rufai. He thinks he knows it all and fails to make consultations before enacting any policy.

All the aforementioned policies are not new in Nigeria. Okada was successfully banned in Kano during Kwankwaso administration. Ban on Street hawking and begging were also piloted by same Kwankwaso and dropped. Central collection of hospital bill is fully and successfully implemented in ABUTH Shika till tomorrow. And School feeding was tried and later dropped by Aregbesola and Okorocha of Osun and Anambra states respectively.

Anyone who is familiar with Abuja knows that in the time of fuel scarcity, PMS is widely and openly sold on the streets by Yan BUMBURUTU. But anytime fuel is available in the filling stations, you will not see any of those people selling PMS in jerrycans.

Recently, Gov. Tambuwal of Sokoto announced his desire to ban street begging. The difference between his policy and that of El-Rufa’i is application of intelligence. While Tambuwal put a lot of things in place that will serve as alternative source to those beggars before implementing the policy, El-Rufa’i abruptly announced his without digesting what could have followed after imposing it.


Governor Bindow of Adanawa State recently embarked in vocational training and skill acquisition exercise for unemployed youths and street hawkers. His plan is to provide them with source of income before banning what they do in search of their daily bread.

In conclusion, what we see in El-Rufa’i through most of his policies is his lack of intelligence as he claimed to be by most of his sympathizers and his inability to make consultations before introducing most of his policies. This is the reason why his policies are rejected and mostly not complied with by people.

The earlier El-Rufa’i begin to learn from the “real intelligent” governors and make consultations, the better for his government and good people of Kaduna State in general.