EXPOSED: Kaduna Inquiry Prof Wrote Book That Dictated Kaduna’s New Anti-Preaching Bill [Fatwa] Extremist Agenda

Professor Umar of panel has public posts calling for death to Shia

Prof. Umar Labdo, a member Of Kaduna State Commission Of Inquiry on the Zaria Massacre is behind the new Religious prohibition bill or Fatwa recommended by Kaduna governor Nasir el-Rufai, evidence shows


Read him in his book: ‘YAN SHI’A DA AKIDOJINSU (Shiites and their beliefs)

In the page 3 of the book he said inter alia: Nothing will usher in peaceful coexistence in this country like the Muslims acquiring dangerous weapons similar to that of Christians or even superior, and they should train their youth in handling such weapons so that they can use them in times of need. If the Muslims wreck enough havoc just like their christian counterparts do (a case of the dog and monkey fight, spilling each others blood), it is then that peace will reign supreme. But in a situation where only the Muslims are at the receiving end, while the Christians go Scot free, will not bring the much needed peace.”

If this so called Prof. is not a religious bigot, what is he? It is with such similar venomous hatred against our fellow countrymen, the Christians that on page 74 of the same book he recommended the following measures be taken against the Shiites:

  1. Shiite schools should be closed because it is from there they spread their deviant beliefs
  2. Shiites should not be allowed to teach in public and private schools including universities.
  3. Their properties should be confiscated, like their houses.
  4. There should be investigation on their finances especially from foreign countries like Iran and Lebanon.
  5. Nigeria should severe ties with Iran diplomatically.

This Prof and his other two fellow travelers in the Commission of inquiry believe they are the only rightly guided people even in Islam. In page 74 of the same book there is a sub topic titled THE SHIITES AND THE SUFIS ARE TWINS TO EACH OTHER. Implying that just as the Shiites are deviant according to him, so also are the Sufis who are known as the Dariqa followers.

Prof. Umar Labdo is with the above myopic view since when he wrote the book in November 2004. To date he hasn’t refuted his ‘dissertation’.

The Kaduna state government should see reason and remove Prof. Umar Labdo, Prof. Salihu Shehu and Malam Salihu Abubakar from its Commission of inquiry, unless it is waiting for a ‘perverted report and recommendation’ after the sitting of the commission. It is never late to retrace your step if it is a wrong one.

By Ibrahim Musa