False Flag: Bomb Explosion Prompts Fears Of Second Attempt On Buhari’s Life


henry-okahA recent bomb explosion that occurred outside, not far from a PDP Nigerian ruling party presidential campaign in Gombe has raised fears of a possible desire to attempt to assassinate opposition candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari.

The blast which occurred on February 2nd and ripped through a car parked outside the stadium minutes after president Goodluck Jonathan had left has raised questions and suspicions.

A similar bomb event that happened outside the stadium on October 1st 2010 in Abuja ahead of the 2011 presidential elections was said to have been orchestrated by the then acting president, Goodluck Jonathan, according to MEND leader, Henry Okah as a tool to galvanize support from fanatic and apprehensive Nigerians and generate politically advantageous anti-northern sentiment.

President Jonathan has actually also been accused of involvement in an earlier bombing of his house in Bayelsa, also for political support, prior to the Abuja bombing. See: “Jonathan behind bombings in 2010

Henry Okah has been the only Nigerian in history jailed for terror leadership after he made the confessions.

It was observed that a media known to be enmeshed with the government, Vanguard kept this event as the “Top story” headline for two straight days. This peculiar action piqued the interest of terror analysts.

gombe bomb

The newspaper also oddly referenced to the incident which police authorities said was outside the stadium and not targeting the president, strangely as “Jonathan’s campaign ground bombed” – Vanguard.

The heading was carefully chosen experts say, as a false flag to preempt a situation where another candidate is bombed too perhaps.

“It became particularly suspicious when we saw the headline in Vanguard and the way it was kept as the ‘Top Story’ for two days. Then we said, ‘someone  has paid heavily and wants to do something with this story’… and it may be sinister.” An expert said.

An attempt was made on the life of General Muhammadu Buhari in July of 2014 by people afraid of his candidacy.

Experts are worried that this recent Gombe explosion may have been staged to prepare for an attempt on the life of the victory favored opposition with this “similar” happening to be used as a defense of sorts and false flag, that “Jonathan too was victim of such attempt after all.”

MEND terrorist leader and ally of president Goodluck Jonathan, Mujahid Asari -Dokubo was linked to the July attempt on General Buhari’s life and has been promising similar terror attacks for any event he decides to pin on General Buhari. Governor of Bauchi, Issa Yuguda recently confessed that attacks on Jonathan’s convoy which Asari-Dokubo was utilizing to initiate terror on the country were actually false flags by the PDP.


It has been noted that in recent communications, president Goodluck Jonathan interestingly said of the Independence day bomb event of October 1st 2010, that this car-park bombing was “an attempt on his life.”

The president is viewed to be staging a story line that presents terrorists targeting presidential candidates and political leaders. Boko Haram has been known to be focused only on killing and wiping out the masses and the poor and unconnected for its 6 years of terror in its campaigns for the land of the northeast and has never targeted top politicians.