Fashola: Oro Agba Told You So, by Farouk Martins Aresa

Lagos Gov. Raji Fashola

Oro Agba never fails, if it did not happen in the morning, it will be vindicated at night. Politicians forget while in power that their tenure, fame or durability is transient. No honor between pen and armed robbers. Sharing the loot is not like sharing virtue, there is always a “pig” that will never be satisfied until Nigerians make Judas out of them.

All shared or unshared loots will become indigestible, nightmares and shadows, not substantial elements that will place your name among great Nigerians or Lagosians. First to abandon you are the so-called peacemakers between you and the “pig” during roforofo fight. At least you are right about the “pig” happy hours inside roforofo while you remain dirty. Unfortunately, after warnings to remember the house you came from, you decided to join if you cannot beat them.

You may still get a grace period because the present political dispensation may empathize with you if you declare substantial amount of what you and the “pig” commandeered. If you think he is going to leave you alone, you still do not understand a desperado. His day must come, if it does not come through you, it will come in another way. While you were growing up, you were taught that out of all the days for a thief, the owner has only one day.


The amount of money spent on kilometer of road, flowers and other projects became obscene under yours and his stewardships just because you get praises in a land of the blind where one eye man is the king. Other states said Lagosians should be grateful because their own states are worse off. The inner roads and houses are flooded while outer roads and conspicuous projects get decorated with flowers and double lanes on prohibitive price tag contracts.

Those that chose not to landfill flooded residential areas, decided to perform miracle inside the Atlantic Ocean by creating another wonder of the world. Funds are borrowed against yet unborn generations so that few greedy folks can laugh to the foreign banks. Despite generating the highest internal revenue income in the Country, Lagos State external debt rival that of the Federal Government itself, far higher than any other state.

One man, sorry a “pig” collected your taxes for you, yet peacemakers would not let you fight him off on exorbitant commissions because everyone gets his own cut. You see, even that was not enough for a desperado. Addiction to greed is a disease just as addiction to drugs, sex and crimes. It gives the addicted cheap thrill even when there may be recovering periods in-between one episode to the other. Yes, they are ready to kill for it.

The problem with addicts is that they do not know when to stop. Each thrill feeds on their ego and desire as another conquest. The “pig” also has to send a message to the present handpicked Governor: Do what I say otherwise I will make your life miserable after you leave office. The “pig” always overestimates himself because he thinks he is going to pick the next governor and the next one after this. He is drunk on power for life. But na monkey go kill itself.

Some people not all, of South Western Nigeria that are known for exposing and distancing themselves from vagabonds within them, decided that as long as this “pig” is a Yoruba, Lagosians must stop complaining because even a devil deserves his due. After all, it takes a fire to quench a fire in the Southwest. Some Yoruba have lowered their standard in this case and other Nigerians took noticed making one pig greatest butt of their jokes.

Which part of the Southwest is going to help people of Lagos State pay their foreign debts? We must wonder how many people in the Southwest will rally around Fashola if he decided to come clean or would they remain loyal to the “pig” since Fashola is a Lagosian. Most Lagosians know Fashola’s dad before he passed. A decent man that brought up a boy many people considered to be underperforming but turned out to be a late bloomer and a lawyer.

In our community, any crowd that follows those of a dog will eat garbage. It was Mimiko of Ondo State that said: Owo Ondo Ondo lo ngbe, i.e. Ondo money stays in Ondo. We must trace Lagos debts and find out whose pockets it has gone. Even if some of the debts incurred bear some fruitful housing or new town, majority of Nigerians cannot afford to live close to or buy a house in Atlantic City. It is a shame, that Lagos money cannot benefit Lagosians.

Fashola Chagoury brothers in charge of eko Atlantic - img- MetroWatchOnline
Fashola Chagoury brothers in charge of Eko Atlantic – img- MetroWatchOnline

Fashola said he is not looking for a job. If Federal appointment is the reason they are after him, they may as well stop. Unfortunately, that is wishful thinking on his part. Fashola did not realize that he made a pact with the devil. You are not home free. These people will not leave you alone until they destroy everything you’ve got. Not only your reputation or record as governor of a state, but turn you into a pauper if they can.

Chief J. K Randle asked you during the debate, who gained access to your office. It is up to you. You are either going to be their pauper or a respectable wealthy son that decides to recover most of the money stolen from Lagos State. You started as the “pig’s” Chief of Staff and Office Commissioner. It is like joining a gang, cult or sacred fraternity. You can only leave with the help and protection of Buhari Government. But you have to turn the “pig” in to where he belongs. 

When was the last time you heard any argument, dispute or doubt about the head of your party? Even the pig knows his place. Buhari would not suffer any pig lightly. In spite of all the background noise, he remain focus on corruption. His demeanor as he receives “peacemakers” remain pensive. Peacemakers that destroyed the Nation, reputation of Fashola will not succeed with Buhari. Nigeria must kick corruption even if it takes a devil to do it. Oya O, about time!