Food item most affected by anti-Russia sanctions revealed

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Chewing gum topped the list of food items with the biggest increase in retail price in Russia over the past year, according to RBK, citing data from the State Statistics Service, Rosstat.

According to Rosstat data, the average price for a pack of chewing gum in March was 39 rubles ($0.47), which is slightly more than 22% higher than the same month last year.

This is the quickest rate of increase in chewing gum costs over the last decade. Other food items affected by inflation include margarine, cucumbers, and ice cream.

Chewing gum prices have risen due to Western sanctions against Russia, according to industry officials reported by RBK. Imports of the major components used to make gum base, as well as packaging materials, have been banned. Russian gum base manufacturers have apparently been unable to make up the difference.

Wrigley – a subsidiary of US-based Mars, which manufactures Orbit, Wrigley’s, and Eclipse – Mondelez, which manufactures Dirol, and Perfetti Van Melle, which manufactures Mentos – manufacture chewing gum in Russia.

Following the start of Russia’s military incursion in Ukraine in February of last year, Mars declared that it will reduce its operations in Russia and focus on its “essential role in feeding” people. Imports and exports to the country were halted by the firm.

Mondelez International, based in the United States, has “scaled back all non-essential activities” and ceased new investments in Russia, while “helping to maintain the continuity of the food supply” in the country.

Perfetti Van Melle, an Italian-Dutch company, has not disclosed its position and is still operating in the country.