How Obama’s Speech Inspires Public Confidence in Buhari – Ahmad Isyaku Katsina

by Ahmad Isyaku Katsina 

It is no exaggeration to say that Obama’s recent speech about Nigeria at Nuclear Proliferation Summit has literally debunked the popular mythology that Nigerians are living in a cloud cuckoo-land with promises of change or a new deal by the government and also the wild speculations that show loss of faith in Buhari, the outrageous speculations that President Buhari is going to fail Nigerians.

Following the recent Nuclear Proliferation Summit attended by President Muhammadu Buhari among many other world leaders in the United States yesterday, some Nigerians who seem to have lost faith in Buhari now seem to have confidence in him restored with Obama’s positive speech about Nigeria.

At the summit, US President Barrack Obama has given a welcome news speech that also indirectly gives a revealing insight into global perspective on Nigeria’s capacity, global trust and the respected image of the country in the eyes of the world since the election of Buhari last year. In the speech, President Obama said: “We agree that Nigeria deserves her nuclear energy space. And because of the respect Nigeria had recently attracted from the global community since the election of President Buhari, I shall lead other world figures to Nigeria in April to seal the nuclear deal. There is no doubt America and the world will depend on Nigeria in years to come to survive in many respect.”

NOTE: NewsRescue is unable as yet to find evidence of these remarks 

The above quoted speech from Obama, has a revelation to the effect that the global community has agreed with Nigeria’s proposal to start a nuclear plant because of its  global trust under Buhari’s administration, the nuclear plant which is mainly meant to generate electricity power in the country.

The speech also reveals that world leaders with US president to lead them, are going to visit Nigeria in this month April or words to that effect. In my humble opinion, the visit is not only seal a nuclear deal but also to honour Nigeria as Obama talked  “because of the Nigeria had recently attracted from the global community…” in which he will “lead other world figures to Nigeria in April to seal the nuclear deal.” This is a special privilege for Nigeria the Africa’s leading economy to be visited by world figures  because of recognition of its significant role in the world affairs. It clearly shows how Nigeria under President Buhari’s administration in its indefatigable efforts came to win back the global community trust, respect and confidence.

The power of Obama’s speech about Nigeria at the summit has accidentally massaged the bruised ego of Nigerians, it has also inspired and restored the undermined confidence of some Nigerians in the leadership of Buhari, especially those who underestimated the President or lost faith in him and take it out on his government due to the challenging economic crisis in the country. The speech further gives a real insight into the US global perspective and confidence in Nigeria – how they see Nigeria under Buhari’s leadership with a promising future and how the country shows a great potential and a glamour with its new policies and capacity to be relied on by other world nations that need Nigeria in order to survive in the near future.

Finally, Obama recognizing the efforts of Nigeria is a real eye-opener to the Nigerians who are in haste for change to be patient and wait for a new deal and also to those who see the wrong picture of President Buhari’s policies as well as those who think that the promised change is only a lip-service the President pays. I strongly believe this hardship Nigerians are going through is soon going to be a history as it is part of the natural process of change or healing that comes with itches.