Insane: Shettima Declares Borno ‘Terror Free’ While Army Just Rescues 1275 Victims

Borno state Gov. Kashim Shettima


The governor of Borno state declared his state ‘terror free’ in a press statement. But the declaration has questioned his capacity as an administrator as a whole 1250 Nigerian victims of Boko Haram were just freed from a terror camp.

It’s difficult to understand how a governor can make such misleading and potentially dangerous announcement whilr such large numbers of his citizens are still living in captivity.

Bala Usman, a Borno indigene who is hoping to find his lost wife berrated the governor for his careless statements.

“If Shettima’s wife or children were still abducted and living in Boko Haram governed settlements, will the governor make such irresponsible statements?,” he querried.

Three Boko Haram terrorists were killed when the over a thousand captured citizens were released according to a military statement today.

Last month the Nigerian military reported that it freed over 10,000 Nigerians from terror camps in Nigeria and others received from Cameroon.

Several thousand Nigerians are still believed to be held in various Boko Haram enclaves as are over 200 girls abducted in early 2014 from a school in Chibok.

The Nigerian government has made repeated preemptive announcements of victory over Boko Haram terror. The announcements have proven false and embarrasing.

It is not understood why the Nigerian government is eager to declare Boko Haram over before it is. Analysts have linked this to the desire to launch expensive projects in the rebuilding of the Northeast.

There are reports that the Nigerian military held a secret meeting with Borno elders and compelled them to refrain from reporting Boko Haram terror events in their vicinities.