Adamawa: Michika Not Recaptured, Jonathan is Lying To the World- Say Locals


Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Jonathan said that the Nigerian Military had on Thursday liberated Michika town in Adamawa from the control of the Boko Haram insurgents.

He said so at a campaign rally in Yola, capital of Adamawa.

 “But today, Michika Local Government Area of Adamawa has been recaptured from Boko Haram. And the only remaining local government, Madagali, will insha Allahu, be liberated.”

Bussiest streets of Yola emptied of all people day of president's rally
Bussiest streets of Yola emptied of all people day of president’s rally

However this is absolutely not true and highly insensitive, Nigerians have remarked.

They ask if the president feels the people of Yola do not have friends in Michika or know what is happening there.

NewsRescue confirms that Michika is not liberated but still under boko Haram control.

International organizations had raised the alert on the pogrom in Michika where Boko Haram was reported to be massacring the people, aping the women and forcefully conscripting child soldiers.

It appeared that in answer to this global embarrassment and call for attention that occurred in a CNN article captioned, “Boko Haram strikes again: ‘They slaughter people like animals’

President Jonathan of Nigeria decided once again to go all out and lie blatantly.

The CNN article had said:

For two weeks, Boko Haram gunmen have sacked dozens of villages in Michika district, close to the border with Cameroon, slaughtering male residents and abducting others, said Adamu Kamale, a lawmaker representing Michika district in the Adamawa state House of Assembly.

“They move house to house, killing people — including the old, abducting women, and children and burning homes,” ‎Kamale said Tuesday.

He said villages are littered with bodies, and there is no one to bury them because residents have fled — thousands of them, heading off into the mountains or across the border into Cameroon — to escape the onslaught.

“They slaughter people like animals,” he said.

‎”Now, 70% of the people in the district have been dislodged from the homes. Some of them have run into the mountains, while others have crossed into Cameroon or fled to Yola,” the capital of Adamawa state, Kamale said.

And Nigeria’s president Jonathan saw the need to lie openly once again.