‘Intelligence Network uncovers plot to assassinate Wole Soyinka and other key Yoruba leaders’

April 26th. 2012

A group, the Yoruba Intelligence Network said it has uncovered a plot to assassinate some key Yoruba leaders by fifth columnists in a effort to arouse the Southwest region into  violence.

A statement by the head of the information bureau of the network, Kunle Aribisala said that prime on the list of the targets are Nobel Laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka; former Chief of Defence Staff, Lt General Alani Akinrinade and former NADECO chieftain, Dr Amos Akingba.

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“Information at our disposal indicates that the group behind the plot has chosen to strike against Dr Amos Akingba on Friday, said the network.

The Network also added that the fifth columnists in their build-up to the heinous acts have sold a dummy to Soyinka months ago through some fake security reports that Boko Haram was planning to eliminate him and other leaders which made him grant an interview to The News magazine where he raised the alarm.

The Network also said that in the last few months, the fifth columnists have tried all they could to create a Boko Haram scare in the South West through all kinds of false alarms.

“Their failure to achieve a precipitate action in the region is the reason they are now eager to eliminate these leaders to provoke violent reactions in the region”

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The Network equally alleged that the news of a container expulsion at the Tin Can Port on Monday which was broken on AIT but suppressed in the media since then has forced it to cry out on these plots ” part of the facts that we gathered was that an explosion would take place at Tin Can before these strikes”

It asked the people of the South West to look closely at a report planted in all newspapers in Nigeria a few days ago that a detention centre for Boko Haram members was to be built in Lagos.

“Who planted this story and to achieve what? Was it to prepare an excuse for strikes in the name of Boko Haram in South West? Are we seeing an orchestrated plan to create a war situation in the country by precipitating violence in a big nation like the Yoruba to achieve some sinister agenda by other people? These are posers to ponder on.”

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