Jonathan Government Upset That Vigilantes Arrested Boko Haram Mubi “Emir?”


The anger from the Jonathan government as demonstrated by his immediately ordering the Inspector General of police, Abba Suleiman to immediately commence the “screening” and detention of the nation’s vigilantes engaged in rooting out Boko Haram, may be linked to the brave volunteers’ arrest of the so-called “Emir” of Mubi installed by Boko Haram.

It appears the Jonathan government like Boko Haram are very angry that this “Emir” installed by Boko Haram over captured Mubi they had renamed “Madinatul Islam,” was arrested by the powerful Ibn Fadlallah forces and handcuffed and disgraced by sitting him publicly on the floor before handing him over to state security services.

In anger, Boko Haram raided Gombi, town of head hunter Sarkin Baka, and burned down his house. The Jonathan government in suite, ordered all vigilantes to Yola and has since for the past four days, detained Sarkin Baka Adamawa.

The government was apparently angered by this arrest and harassment of Boko Haram’s prized member. The statement of Ngilari, Adamawa governor went:

“This does not give them a license to take laws into their hands by harassing or arresting innocent members of the society,” he said.

In the statement by the governor of Adamawa, Barr Bala Ngilari, delivered by his Director of Press and Public Affairs , Mr Phineas P Elisha, the volunteers will only be given limited roles under government engagement; put behind soldiers known to flee Boko Haram on almost all encounters and not be allowed to lead missions.

Nigeria law enforcement are known to arrest and harass innocent people all the time. This sudden anger appears related to the arrest and harassment of the Boko Haram “Emir.”

If so-called vigilante’s cannot arrest people, cane they even kill? If they cannot arrest and kill then what will be their role? Carrying water for the Nigerian sabotaged troops?

It appears the Nigerian government is ding its best to protect Boko Haram and enable the terrorists overtake the nation.