Lagos the Land of My Ancestors is Not ‘No Man’s Land’, Stake is Not Claim– Gov. Fashola

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Aug. 29, 2013


The governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola, has come out frontally to address the controversies raised by his government’s deportation of some persons of Igbo origin back to the East. It will be recalled that after his administration dumped the rehabilitated destitute at the Onitsha bridgehead there had been a flurry of condemnation and in one of such condemnations, former Abia State governor, Orji Uzor Kalu, had written that Lagos was a “no man’s land”.

However, in apparent reference to that claim which received wide currency with the Igbo, Fashola on 60 minutes with Angela fired back that Lagos belonged to his ancestors and that ownership is different from having a stake.

The governor’s words:

“It will be very uncharitable for anybody to suggest that Lagos is no-man’s land. This is the Land of my ancestors and it will be uncharitable for me to walk into your home and say your home is ‘BONA VACANTIA’, which is ‘no-man’s land’. It perhaps, shows a lack of understanding; an impolite way of expressing a Stake! And Stakes are legitimate, but are quite different from ownership”-