Military Barrack; A Solution To The Scourge Of Kidnapping In Ningi Local Government

by Alhassan Haruna Danbatta,

The level of security situation in Ningi local Government and other two border local Governments of Bauchi state are daily defined by One story of people kidnapped by criminals and taken to an unknown destination, huge ransom is usually demanded from people that are peasants.

In other situations, people were kidnapped and slaughtered or killed because their relations could not come up with the money to pay the huge ransom demanded by these kidnappers. The traditions in kidnapping business is that, the kidnappers will negotiate with your relations and come to an agreed terms and also have to both side agree to the modalities for picking up the ransom money and the release of the captives, but in Ningi local Government kidnappers would negotiate with you the victim and come to an agreement of the terms of payments.

Horror, frustration and dejection now defined the feelings and conditions of Ningi people and its surrounding environment due to the persistent activities of kidnappers who have turned kidnapping into a brisk business in Ningi local government of Bauchi state.

Day inn day out, people in Ningi are being kidnapped by some disgruntle elements whom have choosen the business of kidnapping as a means to an end, in the process Ningi people and its environs bears the unbearable brunt of merciless acts of these kidnappers.

Recent stories and testimonies of the kidnapped victims have further worsen the fear of Ningi people, this is because both the young, women and the elderly in Ningi local government are not spared of the kidnappers ferocity and barbaric activities.

One of such story is that of Alhaji Usman Ningi, a kidnapped victim turned sex slave. On that faithful day ofWednesday, Alhaji Usman was home fast asleep only to be woken up by some excruciating persistent knocks on his door, it was already 12:30am and Alhaji Usman wonders what could have been the reasons for such door knocks in a dead of the night, unknown to him the kidnappers were on a visit to his house, he opened the door without making any inquiry.

Alhaji Usman opened the door and before he could realize his dilemma, Alhaji Usman was flat and half dead on the ground due to the kick he received from the kidnappers gun butt, he was only able to realized what happened after the kidnappers have ran sacked his house and shop and cart away the money and remaining brocades and wrappers he brought home from the market.

It would have been easy for him had the kidnappers left after that operation, but Alhaji Usman was taken along into the kidnappers den and subsequently turned into a sex slave. Alhaji Usman in his ordeal narrated how he was taken into the Toro forest in Ningi local government where he met three other kidnapped victims. The three kidnapped victims he met in the kidnappers dungeon were all women, two of them married women, but the third victim was a young girl whose fate lays at the mercy of God.

Immediately the kidnappers reached their dungeon, they took Alhaji Usman to a seculated area in their den and engaged him in homosexual acts, one after the other, and day inn day out Alhaji Usman was their sexual host.

In his narrations, Alhaji Usman said the kidnappers also sexually abused the women, the pregnant woman bear the brunt of their sexual anger the most as she initially refused their demand, they lined up one after the other and sexually abused and destroyed her pride for the whole nights, the rest of the victims listen as she cry for help, crying for a helping hand that is yet and still far away.

While Alhaji Usman was lucky to have escaped on the first cork crow after days in captivity, the three women are still in captivity upto this day, sexually and mercilessly abused with no help yet from anywhere or any  rescue attempt to free them.

Just a day before yesterday, they came to kidnap a woman but the efforts of the people of the community thwarted their attempt, hence they decided to sacrificed some of the kidnapped victims, the people were shot and killed in cold blood.

This is just a seculated incidence because many of the kidnappers den are now operational as they have all dispersed into the forest in groups since the military operations began.

This kidnapping incidents started last year and the menace seems to persist unabated because of the vast Toro and Burra forest that transcend to Zamfara and Borno in the northeast and falgore in Kano state. Ningi local government housed a hundred of kilometres Burra forest that will require constant patrol by security operatives.

From all indication, it seems, Ningi local government and its environs will require the federal government to consider building a permanent military barrack in Ningi local government. The presence of a permanent military barrack will surely checkmate the activities of this kidnappers and frustrate any intended security breach that may be housed in the mind of criminals engaged in kidnapping and cattle rustling.

The Bauchi state government and other influential people in the society should immediately and constantly call on the federal government to as a matter of urgency build a permanent military barrack as a first step solution to this menace especially as none exist within the hundreds of kilometres of road and bushes that transcend from Kano to Bauchi state.

Comrade Alhassan Haruna Danbatta
Media Expert,
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