Military Is Lying: We Did Not Kill Them And None Of Us Was Arrested – Niger Delta Avengers

Lt. Gen Ayatollah T. Yusuf Buratai says he is the defender of democracy


The Niger Delta Avengers new militant terror group operating in Nigeria’s oily south has refuted claims by the Nigerian military that it arrested members of the group attempting to bomb pipelines. The sophisticated group which has prided itself with being non violent also denied accusations that it killed Nigerian soldiers.

Their statements read:

“Our attention has the drawn to the arrest of 10 Niger Delta Avengers boys by Nigeria Military. None of our Strike team has been arrested its all a lie

“Nigeria Military also lied that NDA kill soldiers. we haven’t engage in combat with them but if they want us to kill them let them come after us.”

While telling the Nigerian Army to “Stop Lying,” the group made the following statement:

“The Chief of Army Staff (Major General T.Y Buratai) in his statements said the NDA kill Nigerian Soldiers. It’s a big lie. The Chief of Army Staff deployed personnel without amphibian training to the creeks that led to the death of about 50 soldiers. If not for the help of local fishermen the death rate should have been up to 100. He has been lying to his Commander in Chief (President Buhari) that NDA are killing soo=ldiers. This is our stand; we have not killed any soldier. If we do, we will claim responsibility because we take pride and responsibilities in all we are doing. That’s our code. God bless the Niger Delta Republic.”