National Human Rights Watch Slams KDSG on #ZariaMassacre, Demands Urgent Autopsies

Nasir el-Rufai, governor of Kaduna state


Chidi Odinkalu
Chidi Odinkalu

The National Human Rights watch in a series of tweets since April 12th, slammed the Kaduna state government as being complicit in the #ZariaMassacre.

The government confessed this Monday that they mass buried as many as 347 victims secretly in the days after the December massacre in kaduna.

The organisation chaired by Chidi Odinkalu accused the government of burying the evidence and pressed for an immediate exhumation process and autopsies to find how the victims were killed, “bayonet, gun, burned, etc.”

The organisation berated the excuse that islam did not advise autopsy, stating that islam was for justice and that the excuse should be tossed. It further ridiculed why of all the 189 detained in the confrontation, all are Islamic movement and Shia victims and none are perpetrators.

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